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SCP-3474-j at time of recovery.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a bullet proof container 5 ft. x 5 ft. x 5 ft. Semiyearly inspections of bullet proofing should occur to ensure no breaches occur (see Addendum XXXX-1).

Extra Kevlar armor should be readily available in case of a breach. This Kevlar should be checked every leap year to make sure there is still 10ft2 of armor. There should also be 5 personal armor sets including helmets, coats, and pants. This should only be used when there is a breach of containment or when entering containment. (See Addendum XXXX-2.)

Description: SCP-XXXX is a yellow children rubber duck. It appears to be wearing clothes consistent with standard US Military camouflage patterns. Every ten (10) minutes to ██ months when SCP-XXXX is alone in its containment chamber1, gunshots can be heard emanating from the general area of SCP-3474-j's containment. This auditory noise will last as long as nobody is within line of site to the object. Structural analysis after one of these shootings has shown that the bullets are the same as those from a M16 standard military carbine. There appears to be no pause while shooting is active to signify the appearance of "reloading."

Addendum XXXX-1: After an onsite breach occurred. SCP-XXXX was not viewed for a total of six (6) hours until an MTF team heard the shooting. They suspected it was an insurgent taking advantage of the breach. When they arrived at the area, MTF units found that it was SCP-XXXX that was shooting. MTF units observed that SCP-3474-j had shot enough rounds for it to cause critical structural damage. Units had to quickly move the object to a temporary containment chamber until its chamber could be fixed. Containment procedures updated.

Addendum XXXX-2: On ██/██/████ as of ████ hours, an inspection crew of five (5) was sent into SCP-XXXX's containment. For an unknown reason. Power was lost to the room disabling lights and key card reader for the door. This lasted for twenty (20) minutes. Security teams were not able to open the door or break walls/glass (due to bullet proofing) during this time. After ten (10) minutes, shooting was heard inside. After another ten (10) minutes, power was restored and access was granted to the chamber. The cleanup team of five (5) had suffered three (3) deaths and two (2) major injuries. Containment procedures updated. Object class pending update to Euclid.

Addendum XXXX-3: Object class updated to Euclid.