Item #: SCP-4973

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4973 instances are to be kept in a closed box or wardrobe. Subjects and personnel are to refrain from making visual or physical contact with SCP-4973 instances unless instructed to for the use of testing. Individuals are to wear darkened glasses to block all anomalous effects.

Description: SCP-4973 is composed of a set of ████████ brand wigs, designated SCP-4973-A through SCP-4973-E. Each instance of SCP-4973 is composed of real hair. DNA tests have concluded that the hair is at least 500 years old, hundreds of years before the styles were created. Testing hasn't been able to produce a match for the hair.

SCP-4973-1 is a case of 24 bottles of a clear, viscous substance. The chemical composition of SCP-4973-1 is similar to that of many hair removal products. SCP-4973-1 does not show any anomalous properties until consumed by the subject.

Anomalous properties of SCP-4973 only occur when a suitable subject makes contact with an instance of SCP-4973. Suitable subjects are recorded to fit the description of:

  • Genetically Male
  • 20-35 years of age
  • A Muscular Build
  • Healthy Hair
  • No Disabilities, Diseases or Medical issues

If a subject matching these requirements makes either visual (Any darkened eye wear blocks direct visual contact with SCP-4973 and it's anomalous effects will be nullified) or physical contact with an instance of SCP-4973, it's anomalous properties will begin to manifest.

Subjects who make contact with an instance of SCP-4973 will feel a strong urge to locate SCP-4973-1 and swallow it. This urge fades within 2 weeks if subjects are unable to reach SCP-4973-1 and given food or water when needed. If subjects are not treated, death can occur because of dehydration or starvation. If a subject locates SCP-4973-1, they will return to the contacted SCP-4973 and consume SCP-4973-1.

Approximately 5 minutes after consumption of SCP-4973-1, all of the subject's hair will fall out (This includes hair, facial hair and body hair). Following this, the subject will retrieve the instance of SCP-4973 that they contacted originally and place it upon his head. SCP-4973 will fuse to the subjects scalp within 5 seconds.

Over the following week, the subject will undergo some physical and mental changes. These changes stay the same (New hair, facial hair and body hair does not grow longer than starting length. If hair is shaved off, it will instantly grow back identically to the hair at the start; see research logs below.) until the subject either expires or SCP-4973 is removed from the subject. Each instance of SCP-4973 has different changes on the subject which are listed below.

SCP-4973 Instance Hair Style Physical Effects Mental Effects Other Effects
SCP-4973-A 1980's Mullet Subject grows short black stubble and black body hair alongside the long golden mullet. Subjects are seen to wear sports attire including solid muscle shirts, tracksuits and t-shirts. Subject's fat amounts decrease as muscle amounts increase. Subject shows greatly increased knowledge, interest and skill level in sports. In most cases, subjects take up several sports both professionally and recreationally, even if said subject had no interest previously. 95% of subjects begin taking performance-enhancing drugs to help them succeed in sporting events. 80% of subjects who take the drugs overdose and expire within 1 week. None Recorded
SCP-4973-B 1950's Pompadour Subject grows black 3-day stubble style beard and dark body hair alongside the thick black pompadour. Subjects are seen in black leather jackets over a white t-shirt and dark jeans. Subject's personalities change to represent someone more tough and cool. Subject's vocabulary changes similarly to their personality. 70% of subjects started brawls over the following week. 95% of these died because of blood loss, lacerations or internal injuries. Though subjects feel stronger, their strength remains the same from before the changes. Anyone who makes visual contact with subjects see them as popular or cool.
SCP-4973-C 1970's Afro cell-content cell-content
SCP-4973-D 2000's Fauxhawk Subject grows short black stubble and short black body hair alongside the short black fauxhawk hairstyle. Subjects are seen to wear button-up shirts tucked into a pair of darker jeans. All subjects wear tinted black aviator style sunglasses. Subjects are more flirty and charismatic during conversation. Subjects are able to seduce anyone and convince them to do whatever they desire.
SCP-4973-E 2010's Slicked Back Undercut cell-content cell-content