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Item: SCP-3831

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3831 instances are currently contained within permanent Safe-Class storage containers at Site-171. In the event that containment of all acquired SCP-3831 instances is no longer feasible for any reason, destruction of SCP-3831 instances is to be allowed after the instances are digitally scanned.

An Foundation searchbot has been created for the purposes of detecting any mentions of "The Time Traveller's Handbook" on internet forums and book sharing websites, and Foundation personnel are to monitor the anomalous scientific community for the construction of a device capable of transporting a sentient being through different time periods. A false buy order on the website amazon.com for a book titled "The Time Traveller's Handbook" has been established and regularly maintained. Retrievals of SCP-3831 is to be considered one of the top priorities for personnel with involvement in temporal anomalies.

Any individual found in possession of SCP-3831 is to be detained and questioned for the means of which SCP-3831 was acquired. Individuals originating from either the present or displaced within a 20 year period are to be amnestied and released, while individuals with a temporal displacement of over 20 years are to be detained until methods of returning individuals to their original time periods are devised.

Description: SCP-3831 is a book of varying size, language, and colour, titled "The Time Traveller's Handbook - The Definitive Guide to Not Fucking It Up" in whichever language SCP-3831 is composed of. SCP-3831 shows no special resistance to age-related wear and use, is not especially resistant to any forms of physical damage, possesses no anomalous properties individually and is, by all means, a regular book.

SCP-3831 may manifest manifests whenever an individual has successfully been displaced temporally, through whatever means, for the first time. As a result, possession of SCP-3831 is considered to be a reliable method for determining whether an individual is or has been temporally displaced.

SCP-3831 manifests near-instantaneously within a 3-meter radius of the individual after the individual has completed the process of temporal displacement. As aforementioned, the properties of each SCP-3831 instance are distinct. However, several unifying factors and patterns have been observed, such as;

  • Being written in the individual's first language.
  • Possessing a size that is capable of fitting within whichever storage methods the individual may have on hand, ranging from pockets to suitcases.
  • Mentioning the individual's situation perfectly.
  • Providing information related to the time period, such as clothing, currency, language, and geopolitical structure. The exact depth of information provided varies with each instance.
  • Providing information that assists the individual in either returning to the individual's original time period, or commencing further displacements.
  • Having a publishing year of [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Having an author titled [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Having a number on the back.2

All SCP-3831 instances are written in a casual tone with relatively simple words and do not utilize technical terms. While the exact accuracy of information not directly related to temporal displacement provided by SCP-3831 varies, all information directly regarding temporal displacement is accurate.

It is currently unknown whether SCP-3831 is created instantaneously, or is merely transported from a larger stash located in an unknown location. Due to the nature of temporal anomalies, whether both scenarios are even different is currently debated.

SCP-3831 was initially discovered on 08/11/1923 by Foundation forces after the discovery of a temporally displaced individual in Munich, Germany. However, SCP-3831 would be disregarded as a non-anomalous until the second discovery of a temporally displaced individual on 29/10/1929, where another instance of SCP-3831 was retrieved.

As of this writing, ████ instances of SCP-3831 have been retrieved and documented.

Addendum 3831.1:

The following are excerpts from certain SCP-3831 instances. All excerpts have been translated into English.

Addendum 3831.2

On 18/02/73, the Temporal Anomalies Department received a copy of SCP-3831 through the mail.