Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Instances of SCP are to be kept in a reinforced Euclid containment chamber measuring 30x30x10 meters. The chambers are to be constructed with a thickness of at least 40-centimeter lead paneling able to withstand gamma radiation rated up to 20 Sieverts. Security cameras are to be mounted facing inwards inside the chamber to allow remote viewing. Chambers are to be furnished with foliage and biologic material which correlates to that found within the environment in which SCP instances were recovered.

Instances are to be fed one live adult bovine specimen per week via crane drop from the top of the containment chamber. At least four armed guards equipped with level B Hazmat suits, incendiary rifles and Geiger meters are to be stationed on the outside perimeter of the containment chamber at all times.

No personnel are to enter containment chambers housing SCP when instances are present at any time. ROV units are to be used for sanitary purposes as well as to maintain in depth surveillance and behavior monitoring of SCP when deemed necessary by onsite administrators.

In the event of containment breach, instances are to be killed and incinerated as quickly as possible. First responders are advised to shoot for the eyes until the instance reverts to its larva state. The larva state is then to be returned back to a holding cell until the proper repairs can be made.
Reports of wild instances of SCP are to be investigated immediately and apprehended for containment in site 88. Currently the foundation houses 6 such instances.

Mobile Task Force Unit Epsilon-8 “Weed Whackers” are to be deployed for immediate reconnaissance and recovery when wild instances are reported. Recovered instances are to be identified in accordance with discovery location and designated with appropriate monikers based on country of discovery, instance numerical value and district of contact.


SCP are large bipedal predators bearing similar visual similarities to that of the arthropod genus (specifically pre-Paleozoic age trilobites). Instances are not known or believed to be closely related to any predominant terrestrial species on earth or otherwise. These resemblances are primarily visual and most readily include an externally-plated skeletal system, segmented body, hemocoel internal cavity and external mandibles. At this point genetic sequencing and DNA extraction remains impossible due to the highly corrosive effects of SCP.

Fully-grown adults have been documented reaching heights of approximately 2.6 meters, though admittedly this is hard to discern due to the thick overcoat which covers the majority of its body as well as the deceptively camouflaged and hunched nature of specimens. SCP instances possess two arms with dual quarter meter long pincers on each, smaller secondary pincers as well as powerful hind legs for ambulatory motion. Thermal imaging has managed to conclude that the outer body of SCP is covered by hard ridged plates, similar to that of exoskeletons found in many crustaceans. SCP possesses 2 forward facing eyes that are theorized to be comprised of tapitum lucidum or some other similar component. The entirety of SCP back is covered with long bristling hairs, identical in appearance to that of common Digitaria and genetically indistinguishable from it.

Specimens of SCP are primarily dormant, but become animated when sentient beings are within line-of-sight. SCP is an ambush predator. While hunting, it will compress and elongate the entirety of its body to a thickness relatively 1/5 that of its normal width. This allows SCP to lie almost completely flat on the ground, using the bristles on it’s back to camouflage into surrounding foliage. When a prey item wanders in range, SCP will pounce on it and proceed to immobilize it via physical restraint and trauma.

The feeding process involves the nuclear breakdown of a victim’s physiology on a subatomic level. SCP uses fission to split the nucleus of a victim’s cells, and ingest the stream of raw elements as they are dismantled. Prey of SCP routinely show immense distress while the feeding process is active. The prey item will begin to rapidly dematerialize, with total disintegration concluding 3-7 minutes later depending on the volume of the prey item being consumed. This process can be interrupted, but not reversed. Testing has shown SCP to be capable of disintegrating 10 kg of meat in approximately 19 seconds.

While in the feeding process, SCP will emit a constant stream of lethal gamma radiation which has been measured to reach 17.4 Sieverts (Sv). It is theorized that this is an aftermath effect of the nuclear fission and also serves to protect itself from attack while ingesting prey. SCP itself has shown to be immune to the radiation produced. The means and mechanism in which SCP 3298 utilizes to produce this radiation is unknown. Upon conclusion of a feeding process, SCP will again return to its camouflaged state.

SCP are solitary creatures and have been shown to be extremely territorial. Their diet consists of almost anything in their immediate vicinity, with an evident preference to human beings. Instances appear to be extremely aggressive to all sentient creatures over 5 kg, including other instances of SCP. They have shown no biological need or ability to reproduce, and all instances found are presumed asexual.

In the event of two or more SCP entities meeting, Instances will emit audible warnings often described as sounding like a “low-pitched clicking, gurgling noise”. Instances will square off in a deadly combative stance before engaging one another in combat, primarily involving the use of SCP’s large claws. These confrontations have shown to conclude in one-hundred percent fatality, unless forcefully prevented from concluding. The quarrel will not cease until only one instance of SCP remains. The victor will then restrain and devour the weaker instance, in much the same was it would any other food item. This procedure was once used a standard containment protocol (Procedure-Roundup) but has since been suspended (see Addendum -4 for details).

SCP possesses incredible durability. Instances have been shown to be capable of surviving attempted starvation, crushing with a hydraulic press, disintegration via acidic compounds, deep freezing up to -50 degrees Celsius and severe damage induced by multiple gunshot wounds. The exoskeleton of SCP is extremely tough, but not impenetrable. Rapid succession of repeated and devastating ballistic impacts has been shown to be capable of “killing” SCP, but only after prolonged bombardment. To date, the best-known method of containment remains incineration via phosphorous or magnesium based projectile weaponry.

Once an instance of SCP is “killed”, it will collapse and release a massive dose of gamma radiation, then implode onto itself before reverting into its larva state. The larva state is defined as when an instance of SCP is genetically and physically indistinguishable from a small patch of crab grass (usually between .2 and .83 meters cubed). During this period SCP will display no anomalous properties aside from a non-lethal constant stream of gamma radiation. Restricted water intake and blocked exposure to UV light will temporarily slow the gestation period, but cannot stop it entirely. During this stage any attempts to destroy the larva will ultimately fail and result in the larva simply resurrecting with no change to the duration of the gestation period.

After a period lasting between 3 and 17 days (depending on control variables) SCP will spontaneously reach adolescence. This process releases a moderate dose of gamma radiation and results in SCP reaching approximately 1 third of its adult size. The adolescent stage of SCP is physically identical to its fully-grown counterpart, and will reach full maturity in 2-5 days depending on sustenance provided.

As of January 1st, 2018, no means of completely neutralizing SCP have proven to be effective. All external damage inflicted is only capable of reverting SCP back to its larval stage. Attempts to study the biology of SCP have proven difficult due to its perpetual state of radioactivity and corrosive effects on monitoring equipment. Research is ongoing.


The first instance of SCP was recovered in February of 2012 at the base of Mt. Takatsuka in the Futaba district of Japan. Reports of several disappearances of people and animals had been reported to local police along the Takatsukakogen camping grounds. Local police investigated and subsequently discovered the presence of SCP. First responders were met with extreme hostility, and after suffering multiple casualties quickly contacted the Foundation.

Mobile task force teams were dispatched, and after suffering multiple casualties were eventually able to neutralize and apprehend SCP. 4 personnel were killed by SCP during initial recovery, with the remaining 2 members developing severe stochastic disease within 6 months and ultimately succumbing to the effects of them.

SCP was at first theorized to have been created as a result of the nuclear disaster of Fukushima Daiichi in March of 2011. This was postulated due to SCP initial recovery site being located in close proximity to the site of the plant. 3 additional instances were also eventually discovered and contained within the surrounding vicinity. However, this theory has since been proven unlikely due to the contact of SCP instances in multiple locations across the globe. Locations have included San Custodio Venezuela, Irkutsk Russia, (DATA EXPUNGED), Telma Washington and the Sahtu Lands in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Initial Recovery Log (debrief):
*Dr. Anders Pogota interview conducted with Sergeant Randall Stone upon first contact with SCP.*
(Begin Log)
Pogota: Good morning sergeant.
Stone: Morning.
Pogota: How are you feeling today?
Stone: (pauses) Ugh… feel like I just got microwaved.
Pogota: Can you describe what happened out there?
Stone: (sighs and rubs his face) Well… we first got the word about the whole thing at around 0800. Command told us the intel boys found something new in the forest. And we were the lucky ones given the task of first contact (scoffs). Wish I would’ve raised my life insurance premium first.
Anyways we get out there and meet up with the Futaba police chief. Dude looked like he was about to shit a softball. He told us how “the bush thing” killed and ate several of his men. (pauses)
Pogota: Please continue.
Stone: Sorry… I just… I’ve seen some weird shit in my day, but I’ve never seen a giant crab thing that pukes radiation devour one of my team members. But that’s essentially what happened. We got up to the camping site, and found the thing pretty quickly, or rather it found us. It came charging out of the woods at an ungodly speed and tackled Gunny into a ravine. We…
Pogota: (interrupts) Corporal Ben Gunderson?
Stone: Yeah, the thing tackled him down the hill and we heard the screams follow shortly after. It all happened so damn fast. By the time we got down the hill, I could only watch as the thing disintegrated the last fragments of him. One of my best friends in the world, fucking disintegrated into nothing. Couldn’t even so much as recover his body for the funeral.
We opened fire on the thing but it was tough. Anytime we got too close to it we had to back off because of the intense sick feeling created by the thing. Vega was next, he was the closest. He collapsed and began violently puking up clumps of blood, before the thing pounced on him and did the same thing it did to Gunny. By that point I had radioed in for air support. The chopper arrived several minutes later, but not before the thing got to Sanders and Little as well.
The gunman opened fire on it, and eventually it finally roared and collapsed in on itself. I thought it’s body had just disappeared at first, but soon found a small patch of crab grass growing right on top of the pavement. We got it into the chopper, and got the hell out of there.
Pogota: What of corporal Jason Abkes? He is the last remaining member of your team correct? Have you had any contact with him since?
Stone: Yeah, I haven’t seen him since the incident. Probably been at the bar the entire time. Can I smoke in here?
Pogota: Negative. This is a secure facility without sufficient ventilation required-
Stone: (lights up cigarette) Live a little doc, if you’d seen the shit I had, you probably wouldn’t care too much about a slap on the wrist from command.
Pogota: Any signs of where it may have originated from?
Stone: (shakes head and exhales) Not a clue, but isn’t that what the lab rats are for?
Pogota: Fair enough. Anything else you’d like to add?
Stone: (pauses for a moment) It just kinda makes you wonder. How could God allow such an abomination to exist?
Pogota: (pauses) That’s what we’re here to find out Sergeant.
(End of Log)

Addendum -1: Attempts to neutralize SCP -A18
- 1-A: SCP -A18 was incinerated via napalm. After prolonged distress specimen reverted back to its larval stage, and regained full size 9 days later.

- 1-B: SCP -A18 was crushed via hydraulic press. Specimen shattered and manifested outside of press charge in larval stage. Damage to hydraulic press via gamma radiation rendered it inoperable.

- 1-C: SCP -A18 was drenched with liquid nitrogen of approximately 117 gallons. Specimen’s movement was slowed and eventually froze solid. The frozen hide was violently shattered several minutes later, resulting in SCP—A18 regaining larval form.

- 1-D: SCP -A18 was intentionally deprived of sustenance for a prolonged period. After 9 days, specimen grew extremely distressed and began to recklessly attack internal containment chamber. Specimen was able to breach containment before it could be killed, resulting in the death of 13 faculty members. MTF Epsilon-8 was eventually able to kill SCP -A18 and return it to the containment facility.

- 1-E: While in its larval stage, SCP -A18 was submerged in a vat of fluoroantimonic acid. Specimen was submerged for over an hour and a half before spontaneously reconfiguring outside of the vat in its larval form.

Conclusion: For all intents and purposes, SCP is virtually immune from permanent cessation of life. Further experimentation has been suspended by order of the O5 council.

Addendum -2: Containment breach.

SCP -A18 managed to escape enclosure, when negligence from onsite personnel allowed it to break out of a structurally compromised portion of its containment facility. -A18 was engaged by onsite security guards. Resulting firefight resulted in the deaths of multiple responders as well as the breach of another containment chamber of another SCP instance. The contained instance (designated -D119 was able to escape its enclosure as well. The two instances met, and immediately engaged one another in combat. -D119 was eventually able to cripple -A18 and subsequently devour it. -A18 has since failed to regain physical form, and it is believed to be dead or exists within the biology of -D119. -D119 has since been contained and has not shown any change in behavior since the incident.

Containment Parameter Modification: No instances of SCP are to be contained within 500 meters of one another at any given time. Procedure : Roundup was developed due to the findings of the event. Procedure : Roundup is the operation of purposely introducing SCP instances to one another, as it appears to be the only solution to permanently neutralizing them.

Addendum -3: Implementation of procedure : Roundup.
SCP -D119 was introduced to SCP -E129. The two specimens engaged in combat resulting in the defeat and subsequent ingestion of E129 by D119. Geiger meters registered a slight increase in gamma readings from D119, but not enough to warrant concern.

Addendum -4: Containment breach
A further four specimens of SCP were subsequently introduced and devoured by -D119 (designated -C116, D256, A211 and A324). After the fifth was devoured, SCP -D119 began to show extreme signs of distress. Elevated levels of gamma radiation were registered, before -D119 underwent a cataclysmic nuclear meltdown event. The resulting explosion levelled approximately 42% of Site 88’s infrastructure, and resulted in 118 deaths. SCP -D119 reverted back to its larval state, and was eventually contained. All further experimentation regarding procedure : Roundup is hereby suspended by order of the overseer council.

Researcher Lennerman’s Proposal:
So, we can’t kill these things right? I mean, we’ve tried several different methods but they always come back right? So here’s a crazy idea: why don’t we let them fight the other entities we can’t kill? Imagine 3298 going up against 682, or 939. It would be epic! Could also act as a way to bring in some extra cash for the foundation too. Just have the whole thing on pay per view.
Researcher Lennerman

Note: Researcher Lennerman has since been ordered to undergo psychological testing.

Dr. Roba Salazar was the acting project lead in conjecture with SCP specimens before his dismissal. All information, whereabouts and occurrences regarding SCP were at the discretion of Dr. Salazar and his preliminary research team.

Upon review of his psychoanalysis evaluation and CATSCAN, it was discovered that Dr. Salazar’s brain had a reduction of approximately 11% in grey matter volume. Many of the team members affiliated with Dr. Salazar have also shown this development. Cognitive abilities do not seem heavily impaired, and cause of this development was unknown.

Addendum -5: Excerpt from Dr. Salazar’s personal log before dismissal

We are vermin, we are parasites, and mother earth is displeased. We inject poison into her body, dig her guts out, and slaughter her children by the millions. And for what? Personal avarice and expansionism for the sake of domination.
Our attempts to defeat the Dynanucleipods are irrelevant, and our pleas will fall upon deaf ears. Man has transcended beyond nature, beyond the reach of any natural terrestrial predator aside from himself. We are our own greatest enemy, as is the Dynanucleipod to itself. Our hands are forever stained by that which guides us.
Those above me were gifted with the mantle of preserving humanity above all else, but have any stopped to ponder whether or not humanity deserves to be preserved? Regardless our legacy will march on unhindered, absolved from the sins of past deeds. Forgiving all atrocities for the sake of survival. It’s who we are, it’s what we do, and mother nature will do the same.