Item #: SCP-3779

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3779-A, SCP-3779-B and SCP-3779-C are to be contained in 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm cubes made of 7.6 cm thick glass. Each instance of SCP-3779 is to be kept in separate rooms no closer than 10 meters away from each other, the doors to each room protected by a keypad lock. The locks' combinations are to be changed on a bi-monthly basis, mandatory changes are to be made in the case of a containment breach or by the request of O5-█.

Description: SCP-3779 is a set of three (3) historical helmets discovered in the █████ Museum, Germany, where it remained for at least ██ years before its anomalous effects were known. It came into Foundation custody after a group of robbers attempted to steal all three instances of SCP-3779, each undergoing the effects of the objects before being shot down by MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") who were tasked with SCP-3779's recovery.

SCP-3779-A is a Great Helm from 12██ made of steel with brass ornaments, the most notable trait is a large, rough gash down the centre of the top front of the helmet. SCP-3779-A does not contain any anomalous effect until worn, The humming of ancient church hymns have been reported by Foundation personnel, the humming seems to be heard by any sapient, humanoid object within 3 meters of SCP-3779-A, this humming will continue to get louder until all personnel leave the radius or SCP-3779-A is worn.

Anybody that puts on SCP-3779-A (who are to be referred to as SCP-3779-A-1 until recovery) suffers massive memory and identity loss, their memories reportedly replaced by SCP-3779-A's original owner.

SCP-3779-A-1 typically show extremely hostile and violent behaviour and loss of previous linguistic capabilities, which seem to be replaced by fluent French or Latin. SCP-3779-A-1 gains massive boosts to their physical strength and neverending stamina, capable of endlessly sprinting towards targets until the effects end.

SCP-3779-A-1's first objective remains the same regardless of who puts it on or where it is put on, which is to obtain a melee weapon of some sort (or otherwise something that can be used as a melee weapon). Once a suitable weapon is found SCP-3779-A-1 will begin swinging it wildly at any living object nearby with the attempt to inflict injuries ranging from crippling to fatal, SCP-3779-A-1 seems incapable of using firearms despite any previous knowledge or training they might of had before putting SCP-3779-A on.

While dangerous, it is advised for Foundation personnel to attempt at recovering SCP-3779-A-1 by removing SCP-3779-A from their head. Recovered instances of SCP-3779-A-1 seem to fall victim to exhaustion and will enter an unconscious state minutes after SCP-3779-A has been removed, SCP-3779-A-1 will regain consciousness after six (6) to twelve (12) hours depending on the length exposed to SCP-3779's effects. Once SCP-3779-A-1 returns to a consciousness they will return to their previous state before putting on SCP-3779-A, and any memories associated with it will be lost.

Addendum 3779-A-01: If kept awake after recovery, SCP-3779-A-1 will regain memory and return to their previous state, however, they will remember their experience with SCP-3779-A on, personnel recounts vary but they seem to carry the common theme of being in the middle of a battlefield fighting ████ armies from the 13th century.

Addendum 3779-A-02: After tests with personnel experiencing prolonged exposure it has been discovered that instances of SCP-3779-A-1 have a "time limit". Exposure to SCP-3779-A for any period longer than eight (8) hours will cause permanent, irreversible memory and identity loss. Exposure longer than twelve (12) hours will see SCP-3779-A-1 being forced to the ground and onto their back, SCP-3779-A-1 will then cease all functions, upon the removal of SCP-3779 a large, deep wound can be found, this wound parallels the damage found on SCP-3779-A.