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Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 30.6 x 61.2 x 21.3 m containment cell with the following added installations kept intact: a standard infrared surveillance system with monitoring shifts (or lack thereof provided autopilot is appropriate) applicable for current protocol, an audio output/input system able to log and produce noise within the containment cell, and a remote watering system. If any further installations are necessary, then please contact Site-##’s director.

In addition to these procedures, as of 10/22/2001, a standard 3.9 x 3.9 x 3.1 m portable office space is to be maintained within SCP-XXXX’s containment cell along with the following provisions kept intact due to Dr. Saikikeisei’s needed permanent presence inside of said containment: one standard-issue bed with accompanying bed dressings, a 38.4 x 48.9 cm mirror fixed upon one of the office’s walls, provisions as requested, and a water-resistant set of clothing of Dr. Saikikeisei’s choice.

For more information in regards to how these procedures arose, see Addendum XXXX-1 and Addendum XXXX-3 for more information.

Description: SCP-XXXX, when viewed outside a 29.1 m radius and/or via indirect vision, is an approximately 53.3 m long (19.8 m tall when it is standing at its maximum) entity. A majority of SCP-XXXX’s visible mass is comprised of extremely long locks of black hair, a snout-like appendage near the beginning of the mass, a pronounced area marginally below the snout, an indeterminate amount of white lights above the snout, and an indeterminate amount of animal-like legs, arms, and tongues of invariable lengths/incomparable origin (though the tongues are often much larger and/or wider than any known species of fauna.)

From what can be discerned, SCP-XXXX’s body has undergone several periods of extreme hydration. This comes mainly by how SCP-XXXX’s hair and tongues have a variable sheen that would be accompanied by this scenario. Besides this, SCP-XXXX may also have variable mass and complexity under her hair, however this is not determinable and is only speculative (see Addendum XXXX-2 for more information.)

X-ray scans and thermal imaging of SCP-XXXX from appropriate distances have confirmed most of these assertions, though the x-ray scans have also shown a lack of properly-formed bone tissue as most formations, besides in appendages and the ‘facial’ region, are more sporadic and resemble common species of coral structurally.

SCP-XXXX’s anomalous effects do not manifest until no more than one human individual enters the radius of 29.1 m (when stood at its maximum, radius varies otherwise) around SCP-XXXX and enters unobstructed visual contact with the entity. When these two conditions have been met, two major effects begin to manifest:

  1. SCP-XXXX’s perceived form no longer resembles its actual form. Instead, SCP-XXXX is perceived to be a form of which has no consistency between person-to-person and changes in indeterminate time intervals. The only consistent features appear to be a changing amount of eye-like light sources from within the form and copious amounts of hair or hair-like equivalents (fur, string, wool, etc.) Regardless of how long an individual has viewed a/some form(s), they will report them as some variant of “beautiful.”
  2. The individual in question, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, identity, etc, will begin to roughly exponentially feel platonic/romantic feelings for SCP-XXXX. While this cannot be numerically calculated due to the person’s normal romantic strategy still somewhat applies, it is estimated that feelings of affection grow in stage-like manners in a time-scale progression (i.e. a month to a week to a day and then so on).
    • This progression of platonic/romanticism manifests in the individual as a growing need to constantly be near SCP-XXXX and to curate love, mutual bonding, and affection towards SCP-XXXX. Some attributes of this affliction correlate to romantic obsession, however they have proven to be stronger in potency (see Addendum XXXX-5 for more information.)

Note that these two effects are negated if the individual in question is not sensitive to cognitohazardous manifestations (i.e., they will not view SCP-XXXX as beautiful but rather their perception of the form they see, nor will they feel any sort of attraction to SCP-XXXX that isn’t warranted by said perception.)

Addendum XXXX-1: The following transcript details the raiding of a facility owned by GoI-### "Удовольствие Люкс" (Pleasure Suite) which was located in ███████████, Russia. It is restricted to Level 3 personnel.

Addendum XXXX-2: After the raid on Pleasure Suite was completed, documentation of procured entities was attempted to be salvaged. For the documentation recovered pertaining to SCP-XXXX, see Document SCP-XXXX A1, "Original Documentation".

Addendum XXXX-3 (“Possible Anomalies in Form”) (as of 10/10:

Addendum XXXX-4 (Discovery of Chemistry) (as of 10/22/2001):

Addendum XXXX-5 (as of 11/03/2001): The following transcripts depict a select set of conversations between SCP-XXXX and Dr. Saikikeisei. Document SCP-XXXX A2, "SCP-XXXX and Dr. Saikikeisei Conversation Logs".

Addendum XXXX-6 (The Sketchbook):