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Item #: SCP-????

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-????, as of its current status, cannot be contained. However, there is a known area of effect which has been set with measures to prevent entry. Other measures are also in place to avoid death taking place in this area of effect. Besides the measures previously mentioned the only other measures needed are patrol of the area of effect of SCP-???? along with given governmental security measures and armed foundation personnel near the entrance of SCP-????'s area of effect.

Description: SCP-???? does not appear to exist on our plane and/or timeline, but rather either exists in a separate timeline or exists on a lower plane. The main reasoning behind this conclusion is how any entity residing in SCP-???? cannot interact with anything in our world. However, simple detection methods like heat signatures and the like allow detection of entities in SCP-????. The area of effect currently is in a part of ███ █████████, ██████████ which has been properly misinformed as a private testing site for governmental projects, allowing for proper security measures with partnering from the United States Government.

To enter SCP-????, one must die by one of three cases: natural causes, SCP-????-2, or non-human made weaponry. Minimal testing has concluded the final of these, however, as only SCP-????-2's paintbrush is proof for such. The reasoning as to why only these methods of expiration allow entry into SCP-???? is currently unknown, however the current hypothesis is that these methods of expiration are mainly natural, excluding SCP-????-2. When entered and seen via thermal scanning, SCP-???? has the appearance of an empty void of sorts, the only structures being that of cave-like formations. Once an entity enters SCP-????, there is no way to retrieve them from it. When any entity resides in SCP-???? for longer than 24 hours, they immediately become an instance of SCP-????-1. Prior to discovery of how to enter SCP-????, detection methods were able to detect about 10 instances of SCP-????-1 already present.

Once the methods of entry were discovered, one single instance of SCP-????-1 anomalously escaped SCP-???? and currently roams the area of effect of SCP-????, classified as SCP-????-2. Normally it likes to refer to itself as █████ instead of this though. Since writing of this document, discovery of a prior escape from a different instance of SCP-????-1 has been documented but the circumstances have not been identified. The other present residents of SCP-???? do not seem agitated like SCP-????-2 except for one whose heat signature suggests it creates an abnormally high temperature flame pattern, classified currently as SCP-????-M. Currently █ known deaths have occurred in SCP-????'s area of effect, 2 of them caused by SCP-????-2.

SCP-????-1 are figures of seemingly many forms and shapes, one even being in a sort of broken heart shape, classified as SCP-????-CU. Due to how one enters SCP-????, the true nature of how these figures look is hard to know. However, in certain cases of SCP-????-2 being non-hostile, he has described certain individuals who reside in it, these being dubbed SCP-????-M, -B, and -CU. All descriptions include the fact that SCP-???-1 are mainly statue-like. Due to their unknown natures and the nature of SCP-????-2, SCP-????-1 have been classified as Euclid, though Safe classification is currently pending. Descriptions are listed below.

SCP-????-2 is of unidentifiable age and is a Caucasian male with ginger-colored, spiked hair. Studies conclude that his hair is more-so blonde and red, it shining different colors depending on how brightly the sun reflects off of it. This is non-anomalous, however. SCP-????-2 wears a seemingly modified parka which was made to extend down to the ground like a robe, apparently a kingly sort. They also wear a white shirt and dust-stained blue jeans. A sort of censor-bar like apparition is indefinitely formed upon SCP-????-2's face, covering everything above the nose but stopping where his hair is curved over the hairline. An symbolical eye-like apparition will form over this shadowy apparition if SCP-????-2 is in its agitated state.

SCP-????-2, if considered a separate SCP, would be classified as Keter due to its dangerous nature. However, due to the unlikely circumstances of someone entering SCP-????'s area of effect, Euclid classification is being considered. SCP-????-2's main weapon of choice is a large, standard artist paintbrush with a bristle tip along with an anomalous form of paint. This paint can travel near-light speeds if directed by SCP-????-2 to do so, though it can also be used to make sketched-out objects. These objects, classified as SCP-????-2-A, can be simple tools or objects up to and including living beings and depictions of gods. These often do not post a threat as they can be destroyed by many means.

Discovery Summary ????-A:

SCP-???? was brought to the foundation's attention when personnel embedded in local authorities in ███ █████████, ██████████ were given a missing persons report. Foundation personnel were dispatched, three witnesses were still present from the disappearance and were given Class B Anesthetics and were transported back to the main city. No traces of the disappeared person were found except for when heat signature detection was used. Instead of one figure, though, several figures were present. Further research was recommended by personnel and a temporary facade was put in place around a theorized area of where the detected figures were.

Logs ????-B through -D are listed below, their contents being the conversations related to instances SCP-????-M, -B, and -CU.

Addendum: SCP-???? seems to be very self-containing, as everything is relative towards itself. On that same token, it may be wise to lower security measures around it, though no pending requests for such have been given.

Addendum 2 (As of 5/31/20██): Reports have been given that SCP-????-2 has disappeared twice from SCP-????'s area of effect.