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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Tampering of any kind to SCP-3XXX is strictly prohibited. Daily inspection of each unit is required to ensure continued function. Any and all kinds of damage or malfunction found must be immediately repaired, with instructional handbooks are found on the bottom cabinet on the unit itself. Each unit is surrounded by fencing to prevent direct civilian interaction and, if possible, the proximate area must be cordoned off to prevent any kind of visual contact.

Description: SCP-3XXX is an array of large identical devices stationed across Earth; each unit henceforth given numerical designations between SCP-3XXX-1 through ██ by order of the printed label on each. The purpose of SCP-3XXX is to prevent a PMRI-Class physical-mechanics re-implementation scenario according to the mission statement tab on a unit's control panel.

Such a scenario is hypothetical and the effects are variable. It is understood that one or more concepts will have their applied physics altered in such an scenario. These concepts (designated as SCP-3XXX-A instances) do not appear to have the physical laws applied to them altered but rather the concept itself is "replaced" by an identical instance of itself with the new mechanics. Replacements are created in a pocket dimension (SCP-3XXX-B) outside the omniverse multiverse universe and then applied to the target; the original instance is destroyed. This mechanic is reminiscent to going inside. While an the entire universe can be affected the event usually affects smaller objects, locations, and entities, typically ranging from celestial bodies to individual particles. This may change the hume levels around targeted subjects, in turn possibly neutralizing or creating SCPs.

The worst scenario is when an abstract concept, such as thermodynamics, itself undergoes a PMRI event without all other laws of the universe compensated to operate under new laws. It may not damaging enough to simply end reality. This disruption can be paradoxical, such as violating Kejel's Laws of Reality by changing Kejel's Laws of Reality.

The circumstances required to trigger a PMRI event is unknown. Creating a PMRI event within the known laws of physics is theoretically impossible. The event itself is unnoticeable and any kind of observational devices and techniques (including standard CK-Class Scenario Detectors) are unable to detect any kind of alteration to reality regardless of the scenario's magnitude, thus additional information is impossible to ascertain. The only evidence of a PMRI scenario even existing was the discovery of SCP-3XXX and the information extracted from a unit's control panel.

To detect and intercept prevent PMRI events, SCP-3XXX units are comprised of technologies more advanced available to the foundation. A Charlie-Zern Duplicate Reality Instance Detector can identify the creation of SCP-3XXX-B within 0.0031557 nanoseconds of its creation. The detector will also determined which universe the PMRI scenario was intended for. Upon confirmation that a PMRI will happen in our universe the Local Hume Manipulator in all units of SCP-3XXX will simultaneously create a bubble shield with a radius of 1.5 meters around the unit that prevents all matter from entering or exiting the shield. An abstract meta-physical variable (SCP-3XXX-C) is created to duplicate SCP-3XXX-A as meta-physical data SCP-3XXX-C holds. If multiple SCP-3XXX-A instances are detected, an array of SCP-3XXX-C variables are created. The manipulator will then increase the universe's hume level exponentially depending on the intensity and duration of a PMRI. The hume indicator displays If SCP-3XXX-A is nevertheless replaced

Test A - Date

writer's notes:
CK-Class Scenario Detector
Scranton Reality Anchor
Local Hume Manipulator
Reality Instance Stabilizer
Power Generator