EbenezerSharks Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: (V.1, obselete as of 4/29/33, See incident “OCHRE Spill” case file)
Due to its general inertness when not receiving input data, SCP-XXXX is suitable to be contained in any storage room or locker amenable to it’s size. Currently it is stored at site-XXX commanin memetics research lab #7, for use by the Onto-Conceptuals Research Group.

SCP-OCRG-1 is to be kept in secure vault #(redact) accessible only to the site-107 director with permission of a majority of the O-5 council. All research utilizing SCP-XXXX is to be halted and any further requests indefinitely rejected due to immediate risk of ZK-class end-of-reality event.


SCP-XXXX is a transparent rectangular prism, exactly 3.5m x 3m x 3m in dimension, the surface of which is embedded with a series of metallic, circular ports measuring 5 millimeters in diameter, each of which is constantly listening for information input via pressure wave, electromagnetic radiation, electric charge, weak and strong nuclear forces.

SCP-XXXX's measurement of the input does not seem to be affected by any method of encoding, including encryption techniques that would take conventional computing methods longer than the estimated lifespan of the universe to decode, with all data being processed instantaneously, and identically when semantic content does not differ

The object is currently believed to have been created by entities existing outside of our universe. For unknown purposes. Researchers have postulated it may have been used as a sort of navigational device for conceptual entities. Following the events of incident “Ochre Spill” SCP-XXXX has been confirmed to be earthly in origin

When exposed to outside stimulus via one of its input ports, the object will holographically display an image, as well as a set of coordinates which the image would appear to represent. Several auxiliary ports also allow for “reparametrization” of data, making the new zero of one or more coordinate axis the current focused point.

SCP-XXXX was initially brought into foundation hands after several of NASA’s EOS program climate satellites observed a large scale spike in ocean temperature of the west coast of the united states. US military forces investigated the anomaly, believing it to potentially be a weapons test by foreign powers. After discovering SCP-XXXX and performing preliminary tests, they discovered it to be anomalous and relinquished it to foundation control.

The initial foundation research team assigned to SCP-XXXX performed tests believing it to be an extraterrestrial measurement device of some sort, initial testing showed that regular binary pulses, as well as frequancy.