Dr Ebyl's report on XXXX: horrible yet enthralling centipede
XXXX's larvae, minutes after hatching


Object Class: Euclid

Containment Procedures: XXXX is to be contained in one of two well lit concrete rectangular rooms about as big as two(2) humanoid containment cells. The rooms are to be completely empty except for a bed and a feeder. During cleanup and feeder refill, XXXX is to be lured into the adyacent room, wich would be clean and with a full feeder. XXXX will be contained in the adyacent cell for the next month, when cleanup is scheduled. XXXX's fedder contains the subsance XXXXns-055, wich should provide all nutritional needs for XXXX.
Personel to engage contact with XXXX(cleanup, research, transport) are to be tested for mental endurance against cognitohazards.

Description: XXXX is a large being resembling a member of themyriapoda family. XXXX has a total trunk length of two meters. XXXX has multiple pairs of antenae on top of its head and a long pair of mandibles on the exterior of 30cm long.