Item#: 3000
Containment Class:
great white
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Memo all pugulistic experts.

It's come to our attention that while you're all totally righteous pugulists of selachians, your reports are like, totally bland dude. As such, the Hang-Ten Council has authorized a new, totally bodacious classification scheme that makes your pages look totally rad.

  • Dogfish: Trivial difficulty to punch.
  • Hammerhead: Medium difficulty to punch.
  • Great White: A sharp-toothed beady-eyed killing machine that only the most elite sleachian pugulists should approach.
  • Pulverized: A selechian entity that has been punched to death, or punched to life in the case of undead selechian entities.
  • Laser Beam: A classification that needs a second classifcation.

Risk Levels:

  • Beetle: Probably can't hurt anyone, but we should punch it anyway just to be safe.
  • Motley: Ate a guy once.
  • Girugamesh: Ate ten guys once.