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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX typically avoid humans and do not show signs of aggression. SCP-XXXX are human-like beings who inhabit an archipelago which is south of Greenland and in between the United Kingdom and Canada. The foundation managed to convince world Governments to censor the island from all world maps in a preventative measure to stop people from exploring it. The island is to remain under heavy surveillance at all times. Any contact with SCP-XXXX is strongly discouraged. SCP-XXXX have never willingly ventured from the archipelago, however it must be reported immediately if they are observed doing so.

Description: SCP-XXXX appear to be modern day humans, however they differ from Homo Sapiens in distinct ways. These beings tend to be much taller, their average height tends to be 6 foot 10 inches. Their brains are larger and more efficient than human brains, they are superior in problem solving, memory and other cognitive tests. Unlike, humans, their jaws come forward 5-inches under their nose. With 4 extended canines, these specimens have a measured bite force of 900psi along with extremely dense bones.

There are many reported cases of SCP-XXXX being terminated with firearms, fire, explosives, blunt trauma and a few cases by other SCP items. The majority of the cases were met with extensive resistance, difficulty and casualties.

Tests have shown that SCP-XXXX have an immunity to most natural chemicals, however nerve agents such as Tabun affect them in an identical way to how they affect humans.

The transportation of SCP-XXXX from its' archipelago is completely prohibited.

Capable of speech, SCP-XXXX have been found to easily pick up on language and are quick learners. Before interviews with these subjects were banned, they were shown to be very manipulative, perceptive and persuasive as they managed to convince many researchers along with a site manager at the facility that they were wrongly being held by the foundation.

Before security staff posted on the islands were pulled from duty, there were many recorded scenes of devoured personnel. SCP-XXXX's powerful digestive tracts are able to denature any harmful chemicals, they are capable of digesting any material which they can swallow. Recent incidents show that SCP-XXXX have developed a preference for human meat. These beings are capable of functioning for months without any food or water.

Technology found on the islands, where SCP-XXXX live, is on par to the technology found in modern civilisations. It is at this point unknown what they use for their source of power, however the ecological state of these islands indicates that SCP-XXXX virtually does not disrupt the environment which they live in.

Discovery: The first mention of SCP-XXXX was during the 16th century after British and Spanish powers both attempted to colonise the islands. When the ships which were sent never returned, both nations believed that the other had played a role in their disappearances, this led to more ships being sent in order to conquer the islands. One British sailor made it back to England on a Spanish ship, with an SCP-XXXX. It was later sold to a circus where SCP-XXXX broke out and [DATA EXPUNGED] resulting in a huge loss of life which was covered up as a plague epidemic. Local authorities captured SCP-XXXX and imprisoned it for a week before its' scheduled execution. On the day of its execution, it was not found in its cell leading to a national search for the creature. Almost a century after, screams characteristic to SCP-XXXX were heard during the Great Fire of London. Several weeks after the incident, a human-like skeletal corpse was discovered which was deemed to have been SCP-XXXX.

Addendum 1.1: Site Director ███ has suggested to the O5 Council that an aircraft loaded with a chemical called [REDACTED] be ready for use in the event of SCP-XXXX either emigrating from their island, or producing an alarming quantity of weapons.