Item #:SCP-4000
The Infinity Creature

Object Class: Origin/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is to be kept under observation in is natural habitat as that every attempt of containing it was a failure as SCP-4000 managed to escape every method of containment and returned to it's habitat wich is a cave full of Obsidian crystals. Further research is to be done over SCP-4000's attachament to this place even if it was seen to be leaving the cave on a daily basis to consume █████ of humans mainly children in this case is to be interfered imeddiatlly. In case of failure of stopping SCP-4000 the zone affected has to be put in quarantine due to SCP-4000's destabilized remainings.

Description: SCP-4000 is a highly intelligent self aware creature and doesn't have a specific appearance that being because every human is seeing it in a different form but most of the humans SCP-4000 was seen by they described it as a Black Ball of antimatter, a Creature half Organic half Mechanic or a Dark Star in this case we assumed is the rarest form wich resembles SCP-4000's true form wich is a tall dark humanoid creature around 2 to 3 meters is body being full of mouths wich are considered is way of consuming the ████ of is prey and it's head having a big eye appearing to be made of a material unknown on Earth. After further research of SCP-4000's unknown material it was discovered that the material is made of, indicates this creature may be older then the Earth even maybe then the Universe itself. When is not intrerupted from is partially constant slumber it appears to be very peaceful till it goes to eat. Further research indicates that SCP-4000 has the ability to create anything it desires out of any material even give life to that object other abilities found trough research are the ability to phase trough dimensions creating is own dimensions and to control gravity.

Addendum 1: Subject D999 and D1000 were sent after SCP-4000 when it phased into another dimension SCP-4000 leaving a open gate for short amount of time. When the subject we're sent trough the opening the contact was lost and the only to return was SCP-4000.

Addendum 2: After further exploration of the cave SCP-4000 resides to, it's been found a ████ made of the same material SCP-4000 is made off, the ████ being sentinent feeding on the Obsidian crystals from the cave the cave itself regrowing the crystals. After research on the cave and the ████, the cave was codenamed SCP-4000-1 and the ████ codenamed SCP-4000-2 having a bond with SCP-4000.