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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is currently uncontained and must be tracked by mobile task force (Dog Catchers) and are to report any hostile behavior exhibited towards humans with any members of the Canis Lupus Familiaris as a pet to the nearest A.S.P.C.A agency or animals rights associations at once then have the current resident or residents responsible for the agitated state be arrested and the Canis Lupus Familiaris in question removed then found a more suitable home. However, if the animal shows signs of aggression towards humans and are unable to be brought into a more docile state they are to be hereby referred to as SCP-xxxx-1.They must be euthanized before the possibility of becoming an instance of SCP-xxxx-2.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a Caucasian male standing at about two meters in height with features of an Alaskan malamute of the Canis Lupus Familiaris family. Subject has been seen moving up to speeds of 50MPh while bipedal and over 100MPH while being quadrupedal. Subjects upper limits in strength is unknown however, it has been recorded to rip apart carbon steel with ease.

Subject appears to be unable to speak as nothing but snarls and howling has been observed. (see addendum SCP-xxxx-A)

SCP-xxxx has also been known to attack other human’s subsequently abusing animals other than in the Canis Lupis family on rare occasions and releasing them into the wild or leading them a long distance to a place that would be suited to their needs to be properly taken care of. Though subject leaves them on the property or near the individual to see and take home. Animals that are relocated show no signs of anomalous properties and are to be ignored. Dogs recruited by SCP-xxxx are turned into SCP-xxxx-2 which is a pack of dogs whose number has yet to be determined. (See adendum SCP-xxxx-D) They materialize from seemingly nowhere and are indestructible and act as companions and bodyguards to SCP-xxxx.

SCP-xxxx has been seen ordering instances of SCP-xxxx-2 to attack offending humans and have them mauled and eaten leaving only bloody paw prints as evidence that something happened before the instances vanish. SCP-xxxx shows extreme hostility to any human most humans who come within 15.24 meters of him. Should someone come within 9.1 meters he will attack and maul the person to death. Testing with SCP-xxxx has shown that it possesses the anomalous ability to tell who the true cause for abuse is. (See addendum SCP-xxxx-C.)

SCP-xxxx was discovered in ██████████ on █-██-██ when in the small town of ██████ the residents of six households vanished leaving no trace besides bloody paw prints of varying sizes. at the time local police dismissed it as coyote attacks. One of the missing residents in question was former level one research staff Laurence █████████ who had been given amnestics after they were dismissed for a mental break down. At the time no connection could be made till two days later when a former associate of Mr. █████████ pointed out his pet corgi was missing. Further investigation revealed each household also had an unaccounted for family pet.

Foundation agents were deployed under the disguise of local DNR agents to investigate the incident which unfortunately yielded no results, until they were contacted about another attack in the next town over. Agents rushed to the scene discovering yet again the bloody paw prints however, this time an agent spotted a stray dog that he recognized from a family photo in one of the previous victims houses. Agent █████████ led the agents into the nearby woods. At this point in time the vest camera was turned on by agent █████████.

Begin video log

Agent █████████ proceeds with three others all armed with a standard issue sidearm.

Agent █████████: "Hey Anderson are you sure this is the dog? I swear I will lock you in the trunk on the way back to base if this is a waste of our-". At this point the corgi vanishes. "Everyone weapons free something isn't-"! A bulldog manifests biting agent █████████ heel causing him to keel over.

Agents begin to open fire to no avail as more instances of SCP-xxxx-2 appeared along with SCP-xxxx appear attacking the agents proceeding to devour the agents. SCP-xxxx is seen slowly approaching agent █████████ camera ripping it from his vest after which the feed cuts to black.

End Video Log

On the date of ██-█-██ SCP-xxxx was cornered at gunpoint by agent Fissure and interviewed before it managed to flee custody. (See Addendum SCP-xxxx-B)

Addendum SCP-xxxx-A interview log.

Addendum SCP-xxxx-B interview log

The interview was recorded by agent █████ Fissure who was at the time separated from the rest of his task force while tracking SCP-xxxx.

Addendum SCP-xxxx-C testing log

D-1294 was left in a house in ████████████ a known place where SCP-xxxx was predicted to be heading. He was ordered to not feed the dog by Dr. ██████. D-1294 was reluctant to starve the dog and was reminded that if he did not comply he would be terminated. Hours pass and with no sign of SCP-xxxx. It was assumed it did not stick to the predicted path. At 05:42 hours SCP-xxxx appeared down the street and walked into the house. D-1294 was spared and SCP-xxxx escaped without being detected. When the report was to be submitted to Dr. ██████ it was discovered that bloody paw prints littered the lab at site ██.

Order by O-5-█ no further testing is to be done with SCP-xxxx we can’t lose a scientist every time we want to test on this thing, and think about what would happen if more than one person came up with that idea instead of just them? We could be looking at a very high and unnecessary body count.

Addendum SCP-xxxx-D