Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:
An isolated instance of SCP-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: Individual remains of SCP-XXXX instances are to be kept inside standard biological containment chambers, with modifications necessary for research, autopsies, and storage of individual instances. Permission to perform autopsies or experiment with the remains are to be approved by the head researcher of SCP-XXXX, currently Dr. Wilson.

Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 (“Deep Feeders”) are to keep searching for remains of SCP-XXXX instances in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Remains found in the wild should be stored in a large steel waste container and brought to Bio Research Area-12 for examination and later incinerated.

Description: SCP-XXXX are spherical entities with a size varying from approximately 25mm to 1km. It has the visual appearance of a biological eye that does not match any known species. Instances of SCP-XXXX are always found in water containing high levels of sodium chloride. Instances of SCP-XXXX have the ability to extrude their mass out to the point that it separates off into another instance of SCP-XXXX. Instances are also able to do the inverse and propel into each other, causing their masses to merge into a single instance. Active instances of SCP-XXXX give a memetic effect to any object they view for an estimated period of 10-15 minutes. These objects gain the anomalous ability to affect the brain chemistry of any sapient entity that attempts to observe them physically.

The extent to which this effect can modify brain chemistry is unknown. In all recorded occurrences, SCP-XXXX appears to perform synonymous modifications with no deviation. The modification performed designated Intra-B consists of limiting specific subconscious level brain functions and inhibiting the creation of dopamine in relation to the affected object. The result of this modification to a human's brain chemistry causes their exogenous and endogenous attention systems to fail when attempting to observe the affected object. This observational effect remains when attempting to bring the subject up in memory even when not physically near the object.

Discovery The first recorded report of an SCP-XXXX instance was on the 17 of May 2009 via a post on the social media platform Twitter. It consisted of an obscured photo of water with what appeared to be nine separate large eyes approximately 1 meter below the surface. (Later identified as instances of SCP-XXXX) This post was taken down, and the web crawler Oculus-4B was created to detect and remove any similar sightings. Dr. Malory was sent in with a team of D-Class to investigate the source of the photo at the small town of ████, located on the west coast of Norway. Attempts to interview the person who submitted the photo failed due to an inability for personnel to contact them. Dr. Malory requested that an advanced Deep-Diver class submarine be brought in to allow them to investigate the nearby bay further. The request was approved on June 3, 2009.

Addendum XXXX.1 - Dr. Malory's Journal Entries

Addendum XXXX.2 - Update 25/08/25