Ellied's Sandbox & Associated Thingies

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained in a standard low-risk item storage vault at Site-91. When not undergoing testing, SCP-XXXX is to be left resting on its seat and handlebars, with its wheels not in contact with any other surface or object. During testing, SCP-XXXX must be fitted with at least one remote-actuated braking device on its rear wheel, which is to be activated in the event of any deviation from the relevant approved experimental procedures. SCP-XXXX testing may be conducted by researchers of clearance L2/91G or higher, with the consent of at least two other researchers of clearance L3/91G or L4/91G. Test riders of SCP-XXXX must pass Training Module 91G-1A (Basic Gravitational Anomaly Orientation) and wear a full set of standard open-vehicle protective equipment (including a fully-enclosed helmet and knee/elbow pads) at all times while in the testing area.
Damage to SCP-XXXX during testing must be reported to L3/91G Researcher Graham. Repairs to SCP-XXXX must be overseen and have all replacement parts approved by Researcher Graham.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a single-speed road bicycle of unknown make, with a steel frame, narrow tires suitable for use on paved roads, and a cushioned seat with a black vinyl covering textured to resemble leather. All of SCP-XXXX’s parts, save for its brake pads and original wheel rims, are made from conventional materials. The latter are composed of an unidentified black ceramic-like material, which exhibits extremely high thermal conductivity, hardness, and resistance to abrasion. In spite of this, both the wheel rims and the inner surfaces of the brake pads exhibit signs of significant abrasion, indicating that SCP-XXXX’s brakes have been applied continuously for long periods of time with the wheels in motion. This is supported by the design of SCP-XXXX’s brake handles, which have been apparently retrofitted with a rachet mechanism that allows the rider to lock the brake force to a given level, presumably to allow for extended periods of steady braking without requiring the handles to be held down.

When SCP-XXXX is placed upright with both tires on a solid surface and a human rider sits on its seat, it and all objects in contact with it experience a gravitational anomaly, causing the direction of the gravitational force acting on them to move approximately 22° away from vertical in the direction in which SCP-XXXX faces. Affected riders perceive the surface beneath them to tilt forward by 22° relative to its true orientation immediately upon mounting SCP-XXXX, resulting in significant forward acceleration unless SCP-XXXX's brakes are immediately and continuously applied. It is estimated that a typical adult rider would attain a terminal velocity of at least 40 meters per second if they were to allow SCP-XXXX to coast freely on a level surface.

In addition to accelerating while coasting over level ground, SCP-XXXX is also able to coast uphill, allowing it to climb grades of up to 22° with no pedal input required. With sustained effort, average adult riders are capable of propelling SCP-XXXX up slopes of up to nearly 40°; however, it should be noted that, due to the way SCP-XXXX skews slope angles, the steepest grade SCP-XXXX can safely climb is much greater than the steepest grade it can safely descend.

SCP-XXXX was recovered from the scene of an accident on interstate highway US-12, near Miles City, Montana. Local authorities contacted local Foundation liasons after eyewitnesses reported that SCP-XXXX and its rider had collided with a semi-trailer truck from behind at sufficient speed to break through the rear doors of the truck's cargo container, despite data from truck's monitoring systems indicating that the vehicle was travelling forward at approximately 30 meters per second at the time. Investigation revealed that both of SCP-XXXX's brake cables had snapped at some point prior to the accident. SCP-XXXX's front tire and front wheel were destroyed in the crash; replacement with a non-anomalous wheel of similar specification did not appear to affect SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties, nor did replacement of the broken brake cables.

SCP-XXXX's rider and presumable owner, who died at the scene of the crash, was identified as Jennifer ██████, a resident of Iowa with no living relatives or available employment records. Possessions found on Ms. ██████'s person included a backpack containing non-anomalous food and water, a small single-person first-aid kit, and an encrypted ██████-brand mobile phone. Investigation into possible association with one or more groups of interest is ongoing.