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Item #: SCP-PRNT

Object Class: Safe/Atelis1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PRNT is kept in Containment Cell#PRNT at Site-15 unplugged at all times. Paper and ink cartridges are provided for testing purposes within Containment Cell#PRNT. Requests for paper an are to be sent to SCP-PRNT's project manager Junior Researcher Fadeem. Tests may be initiated by Level 2 personnel. Tests and SCP-PRNT-1 instances are to be documented in Experiment Log #PRNT.

Description: SCP-PRNT is a standard ████ brand printer, with no discrepancies between non-anomalous printers of the same brand, aside from slight wear due to age. SCP-PRNT will not function when connected to a computer; will only function when disconnected. SCP-PRNT's anomalous capabilities are present when standard ink cartridges and paper are inserted and SCP-PRNT is plugged in and the "PRINT" button is pressed. SCP-PRNT will print a document2 ranging from unknown variables. SCP-PRNT has initially printed SCP-PRNT-1 instances consisting of historical events and personal experiences of James ██████3, all written in essay format. As of ██/██/████, SCP-PRNT-1 instances commonly consist of information pertaining to Foundation-format documents.4 SCP-PRNT has no indication of sentience, and it is unknown how SCP-PRNT is able to create SCP-PRNT-1 instances relating to Foundation information.

Researcher Note: One theory created is that SCP-PRNT creates SCP-PRNT-1 instances relating to the individuals using SCP-PRNT, or the setting of SCP-PRNT. Further research of PoI-PRNT shows his attendance at █████████ High School, which would explain the essay format and topic of previous SCP-PRNT-1 instances. He was probably trying to make a quick A on his essays.

Discovery: SCP-PRNT was discovered in possession of William ███████ after Foundation Web-Crawlers were alerted of a series of IRC messages relating to SCP-PRNT and it's location.5

Log #PRNT-1|Recorded █/█/2015
Welcome to #ææææ!
[jæmes]: hey @mrperson
[jæmes]: wake up
[mrperson]: what
[jæmes]: i have this idea right
[jæmes]: of a printer
[mrperson]: sounds dumb
[jæmes]: hecking let me finish
[mrperson]: fine
[mrperson]: but if your thinking of making the next best printer
[mrperson]: im calling bs
[jæmes]: LET ME EXPLAIN YOU HECK alright anyways its a printer right
[jæmes]: but it can make essays for you
[mrperson]: how
[mrperson]: that doesn't even make sense
[jæmes]: of course it doesn't
[jæmes]: it's not supposed to
[jæmes]: but who cares
[mrperson]: so confused rn
[jæmes]: just trust me when i say "it makes essays for you"
mrperson is now offline

Log #PRNT-2|Recorded ██/█/2015
Welcome to #ææææ!
[jæmes]: [IMAGE REDACTED]6
[mrperson]: wut
[jæmes]: its the printer
[mrperson]: the one that makes essays
[jæmes]: yeah
[jæmes]: it works too
[mrperson] heck off
[jæmes]: no seriously it works
[mrperson]: bs
[mrperson]: bs
[mrperson]: bs
[mrperson]: bs
[mrperson]: bs
[jæmes]: ill literally give you one
[jæmes]: do you need to do an essay
[jæmes]: ill print one
[jæmes]: and film it
[mrperson]: print me an essay about science then
[mrperson]: holy shit

Video-PRNT Transcription
SCP-PRNT is stationed on a desk. A book titled "Core Biology" is on the same desk.
PoI-PRNT: Alright here is your damn proof.
PoI-PRNT presses the "PRINT" button on SCP-PRNT. A SCP-PRNT-1 instance is created, depicting an essay about bacteria. PoI-PRNT brings the SCP-PRNT-1 instance closer to the camera.
PoI-PRNT: See? Here, look.
PoI-PRNT brings the camera to the back of SCP-PRNT.
PoI-PRNT: Not even plugged in.
Video ends.

Log #PRNT-3|Recorded █/█/2016
Welcome to #ææææ!
[mrperson]: hey
[jæmes]: sup
[mrperson]: how's that printer goin
[mrperson]: cause im not doing that essay
[jæmes]: threw it out
[mrperson]: the hell why
[jæmes]: worked for like a week. even made like 20$ off of people buying these essays. then just stopped. starting printing weird shit.
[jæmes]: spent forever getting that damn thing to work too.
[mrperson]: ok but what kind of shit was it printing
[jæmes]: just random letters7
[mrperson]: so you just threw it away
[jæmes]: think someone took it. just left it out in the curve.
[mrperson]: why didnt you give it to me
[mrperson]: could of gotten it to work
[jæmes]: no
[mrperson]: yes
jæmes is now offline
[mrperson]: hecc

Interview with William ███████ reveals he had no knowledge of SCP-PRNT's anomalous nature.

Interviewer: Junior Researcher Fadeem
Between: William ███████
Recorded: █/██/2016

Fadeem: Hello William, how are you today?
███████: Could be better. Also, why are we doing this again?
Fadeem: Of your possession of SCP-PRNT.
███████: SC-what? Oh, that printer.
███████: What do you want to know about it.
Fadeem: Where did you originally acquire SCP-PRNT?
███████: Found it near some trash cans at someone's house, forgot exactly where. I thought it was at great condition at the time, will all the cables with it. Didn't know why somebody would just throw it out.