emperson ball
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SCP-3971 during initial containment.

Item #: SCP-3971

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, SCP-3971 is to be kept in a secure storage locker in Site-12's Visual Hazard Ward. No personnel may come within 4 meters of SCP-3971's storage locker without the written permission of Site-12 Director Dr. Lang. Experimentation of SCP-3971 may only be done by D-Class personnel. All tests involving SCP-3971 must be done in a secure room with no external means of viewing. All test subjects must be equipped with an MTF Class audio transmitter and a standard heart monitor. A cardiologist must also be present at all times during the testing session to prevent any accidental exposure to site and foundation staff.

Description: SCP-3971 is an unmarked yellow stress ball of an as of yet unknown brand. When any individual comes is within 2 meters of SCP-3971, said person will begin to feel uneasy, often remarking that they feel that they are being watched. If the subject looks at SCP-3971 during this time, they will begin to feel imminent fear and anger towards SCP-3971. Additionally, the subject's heart rate will rise abnormally rapidly, resulting in cardiac arrest in an average of two minutes if visual contact is not broken. SCP-3971 was brought to the Foundation's attention in 2014 when it appeared in the office of Mr. Emperson. Exactly how it manifested there and it's origins are still unknown but are currently being investigated.

Do to the circumstances of SCP-3971 's discovery, Mr. Emperson was exposed to SCP-3971 for two days prior to it 's containment causing an emotional breakdown of anger due to SCP-3971's anomalous properties. During this meltdown, Mr. Emperson smashed SCP-3971 into his computer multiple times resulting in damage to SCP-3971 as well as the total destruction of Mr. Emperson's computer. Following this, Mr. Emperson was given a complete psychological evaluation by Site-12 medical staff and was deemed fit to continue his work so long as he remains at least 5 meters from SCP-3971 at all times. SCP-3971 was then given to MTF Delta-21 Commander (REDACTED) who took the object to Site-12's Visual Hazard Ward where it currently resides at this time.