Item #: SCP-3175

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Prior to its discontinuation order, Operation EARTHBOUND HAWK dictates procedures to secure and contain SCP-3175. Following this order (effective 2009-06-30 T00:00), containment procedures are restricted to suppression of information, and storage of 3175-A and -B in standard secure lockers on Site 19.

Description: SCP-3175 refers to the reception party hosted by ███████ ███████ (POI-380) for “Time Travellers.” The event was held on 2009-06-28 at the University of Cambridge. The invitation to SCP-3175 was sent via the second episode of the eponymous television miniseries [REDACTED], which premiered 2010-04-25 and relayed the exact time and coordinates for arrival:

<Begin Transcript>

You are cordially invited
to a reception
for Time Travellers,

Hosted by Professor ███████ ███████

To be held at
The University of Cambridge
Gonville and Caius College
Trinity Street

Location: 52° 12’ 21” N, 0° 7’ 4.7” E

Time: 12:00 UT 06/28/2009

No RSVP required

<End Transcript>

This coincides with the appearance of SCP-3175-A and SCP-3175-B.

SCP-3175-A designates a spherical blackbody. The programming of 3175-B identifies 3175-A as a spacetime vehicle, or the piloting device thereof. It is unknown how exactly it is activated and utilized, though the function and program of 3175-B-1 point to electrogravitic manipulation at its surface.

SCP-3175-B collectively refers to three humanoid automatons of similar appearance, design, and configuration. Each torso stored a luminescent cube that acted as a power source. These simultaneously powered down or destabilized at T13:21:17, resulting in the termination of 3175-B and marking the end of SCP-3175.

It should be noted that 3175-B do not possess artificial intelligence; 3175-B imitated sapience and environmental interaction by running predetermined commands at specific times. It should also be noted that efforts to fully reactivate, reboot, or otherwise use objects connected to SCP-3175 have yet to meet success. As such, 3175-A is classified as Safe, and 3175-B are classified as Neutralized.

The outputs of 3175-B have been interpreted and recorded into the format of four event logs, transcribed in Document 3175-Alpha.