ENSOPHOS: The Reception

Item #: SCP-3175

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Prior to its discontinuation order, Time-Locked Ordinance 17141 dictates securement and containment procedures involving SCP-3175 (refer to Addendum 3175-2: TLO-17141 and Action Report).
Following this order (effective 2018-03-24 T00:00), containment procedures are restricted to suppression of information, and storage of 3175-A, -B, and -C in standard secure lockers on Site 19.

Description: SCP-3175 refers to the reception party hosted by ███████ ███████ (POI-380) for “Time Travellers.” The event was held on 06/28/2009, in the Gonville and Caius College of the University of Cambridge. The invitation to SCP-3175 was sent via the second episode of the eponymous television miniseries [REDACTED], which premiered 4/25/2010; and relayed the exact time and coordinates for arrival (see Addendum 3175-1: Discovery Log). This coincides with the appearance of SCP-3175-A and SCP-3175-B.

SCP-3175-A designates a spherical black body measuring 6.90 centimetres in diameter and 12.3 kilogrammes in mass. Elemental analysis thereof has proven unfeasible by current methods; its density (116.3 g/cm3) fails to correspond to any known element or compound, and its total absorption of electromagnetic radiation renders spectroscopy impossible. Similarly, testing to determine the angular velocity of 3175-A has proven inconclusive; the mass distribution appears uniform, the surface energy and coefficient of friction approach zero, and the orb resists deformation by contact force.

The programming of 3175-B identifies 3175-A as a spacetime vehicle, or the piloting device thereof. This attributes the anomalous phenomenon observed to use of 3175-A. It is unknown how exactly it is activated and utilized, though the function and program of HELM point to electrogravitic manipulation at its surface. Less is known of its capabilities, which primarily manifest in a metaphysical construct designated 3175-A-1. A hypothesis for the mechanism of spacetime travel has been put forward by POI-380: Upon activation, 3175-A eliminates all inertia and outside forces affecting 3175-A-1 (i.e. gravity) and fixes it to a specified frame of reference in spacetime. This frame of reference can be either absolute or relative to a single position, defined by non-Euclidean coordinates. In this light, classification of 3175-A as a solution to SCP-2477 is pending.

SCP-3175-B collectively refers to three (3) humanoid automatons of similar appearance, design, and configuration. Any one instance stands around two (2.0) metres tall and weighs 172.4 kilogrammes on average. The casing is constructed from titanium plates, painted matte-white and fitted to the figure so as to allow for movement. The frame and motor configuration match anthropoid skeletal structure and musculature; the latter comprises electromagnetic tension-generators (EMTG), which contract to emulate human motion. The head lacks this EMTG system and facial features; in their place, the head houses a speech synthesizer, and the encasing plates trace the stylized contours of a human visage.

The torso stores the computer for each 3175-B instance. At its core lies a luminescent cube (designated SCP-3175-C), measuring 6.90 centimetres in side length and 93.2 kelvins in surface temperature. 3175-C maintained the atomic fountain for an unknown element, and served as the central processing unit and the main battery for 3175-B. 3175-C either powered down or destabilized at T██:██:██, resulting in the termination of 3175-B and marking the end of SCP-3175.

3175-B runs on code written in C++ and executed by Foresight, an as-yet unpublished programming language. The script defines a clock function based on the atomic clock in 3175-C; subsequent lines call this function with a time constraint. Deconstruction by MTF Epsilon-10 (“Gatekeepers”) has identified Foresight as real-time computing software based on 3175-C, and bijectively mapped each command to every action reportedly taken (outlined in Addendum 3175-3: Event Timeline).

Instances of 3175-B (assigned -1, -2, and -3) are differentiated by accessory and program. For ease of reading, this document respectively refers to these instances by their program names “HELM,” “WILL,” and “SONG:”

  • HELM is visually distinguished by its right hand. The palm and fingers are fitted with a powerful superconducting electromagnet and electrogravitic nodes; these generate a stable magnetic field above the hand and manipulate gravity therein. Through a built-in function, the HELM program translates fifth-dimensional arrays into controls for this system. It is believed this operates 3175-A; observational accounts by POI-380 and the present film crew place it in a levitating state above the hand, and the reported flight path of 3175-A-1 correlates with the electrogravitic outputs of HELM.
  • WILL is visually distinguished by a slot in its left forearm, which holds an unmarked, non-anomalous USB flash drive. This device measures 4.50 cm in length and 4.65 g in mass, and shares the casing of 3175-B. It contains a text file readable by EZ Keys, a word prediction software program used by POI-380 and manufactured by Words Plus Inc.; and an automatic insertion program for this file. The text reads as dialogue consistent with the speech and writing of POI-380 (with the exception of word frequency), and contextual to 3175-B programming.
  • SONG is audibly distinguished by its speech synthesizer. Whereas HELM and WILL utilized the same uninflected, androgynous voice, SONG used a modulated feminine voice. Dialogue commands in SONG incorporate special characters and punctuation to control its cadence and emulate human speech more effectively.

It should be noted that 3175-B does not possess artificial intelligence; 3175-B imitated sapience and environmental interaction by running predetermined commands at specific times. It should also be noted that efforts to reactivate, reboot, or otherwise use objects connected to SCP-3175 have yet to meet success. As such, 3175-A may be classified as Safe, and 3175-B and -C may be classified as Neutralized.