Erkor's SCP Draft
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 24m/24m/3m room and is to be given minimal furnishing made of inorganic polymers in the form of one (1) bed, one (1) chair and one (1) table. A large polymer glass sheet is to be put in place to split the room into two areas at a ratio of 1:3, separated by a reinforced door consisting of inorganic material. A communication system is to be built in between the two halves to interview SCP-XXXX. Interviewing SCP-XXXX requires express approval from Dr. ███ and Dr. ██████. A heavy electromagnet is to be installed behind the containment site for emergency containment following [REDACTED].

Interviewing SCP-XXXX requires at least one (1) linguist present.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a mechanical entity natively resembling a humanoid roughly 182 centimeters in height, and appears to be made of various metal pieces joined with various gears and winches. It vaguely resembles a human skeleton in makeup and dressed in wooden ornaments across its arms, torso, legs and head, all of which only covering a specific area described within addendum XXXX-02 in further detail. Movements conducted by SCP-XXXX have been consistently accompanied by the sound of rotating gears.

SCP-XXXX appears to possess human-like speaking skills and advanced language skills, often vocalizing words and phrases in various languages, and requesting food and beverages constantly. It is aware of the closed-circuit camera installed in its cell, and often attempts to converse with it.

When given any form of organic material, SCP-XXXX will remove its wooden head-cover and proceed to consume the material rapidly, vocalizing enjoyment for whatever it has eaten. Over the course of three hours, when not directly observed, SCP-XXXX will begin to convulse rapidly and ‘process’ the organic material until it is completely added to its body. Through this process, SCP-XXXX appears to gain mass and additional ‘pieces’ which are added to its body. See Addendum XXXX-01 for more information.

Addendum XXXX-01 - Recovery: Initial recovery of SCP-XXXX has been performed in the ████ region by MTF-████. SCP-XXXX, at the time, reached approximately nine (9) meters in height and assumed a form loosely resembling a canid with six (6) legs and two (2) unknown appendages protruding from its back. The recovery process has initially lasted █ hours and two (2) personnel sustained minor injuries. SCP-XXXX has, after containment, shed all of its additional ‘parts’ which in turn were studied, incinerated and destroyed. Study has shown no anomalous properties within the pieces recovered from SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX-02: SCP-XXXX has various wooden ornaments on its body, specifically:

  • One (1) full piece of oak shaped to fit a human head, covering SCP-XXXX’s entire face, scalp, temples and atlas,

*Four (4) polished oak arm-guards, situated on both upper- and forearms,
*Four (4) polished oak leg-guards, situated on the thighs and calves,
*Two (2) polished oak hand-guards, situated on the back of each hand.

All of these ornaments appear to serve no purpose outside of decoration, and have been shown to reappear after destruction. SCP-XXXX will react negatively if one of the wooden ornaments are removed from its possession.

Addendium XXXX-03 - Consumption of Organic Materal: During various interviews, SCP-XXXX has been administered various organic materials to consume. The achieved results are as following:

*One (1) cup of distilled water — No effect

*A box of screws - Marginal increase in finger length

*Cup of [REDACTED] provided by SCP-294 - SCP-XXXX refused to drink it.

*One (1) sheep - Evidence of calcification around the ulna and radius; Leathery substance growing on ornaments; Evidence of other organic matter growing on SCP-XXXX. Has since undergone chemical cleansing of these growths.