Seeds of Doubt

Item #: SCP-XXY

Object Class: Keter1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXY is to officially be placed in a containment field and kept within Foundation facilities at all times2. It should only be stocked from the central warehouse within the facility, and protected by no less than two Level 4 Class A personnel operating alternating 12-hour shifts3. Any instances of SCP-XXY-2 found outside of the facility are to be immediately incinerated due to its harmful effects4, and any personnel caught with trace amounts of SCP-XXY-2 are to be immediately executed due to the contamination5. The Foundation will work in conjunction with local authorities to chase up on any reports of SCP-XXY-2 in the public sphere, and to act with impunity on those who were careless enough to let it loose.6

Description: Instances of SCP-XXY in its dry form, referred to here as SCP-XXY-2, resemble the seeds of a carob pod with a slight blue pigmentation, stemming from a plant, SCP-XXY-1, that otherwise resembles a carob tree. The tree yields approximately 400 carob pods every day, each one containing on average 50 seeds, producing an estimated 140,000 instances of SCP-XXY-2 over the course of a week.

Addendum: SCP-XXY-2 destabilizes the strong and pure economic foundations of our society and the world as a whole by violating the market forces that allow humanity to prosper7, and therefore it is imperative that SCP-XXY is sealed away, and ultimately destroyed8. The Foundation works hand-in-hand with the authorities to protect all citizens from its effects9.

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