Item #: SCP-3216

Object Class: Euclid

Containment Procedures:
SCP-3216 must be kept in a small isolated room. The maximum size of the room must be measured as 4x4 meters. There are two electrical powered steel doors on each side of the room. The back door is used in case SCP-3216 is hostile to Class-D subjects or attempts to escape, it is where security enters in case of an emergency. The door in the front leads to the room where personnel research the object. The cell contains two rotating cameras in corners of the two walls where the security doors are located. The cameras are both infrared in case of an escape attempt and they both rotate 180°.

SCP-3216's appearance seems to relate to a middle-aged man approximately 74.4 inches. The skin appears to have the same texture of human skin. The skin tone is relating to that of a deceased male, but the skin appears to be healthy. The mouth of SCP-3216 appears to be widely stretched out. It seems to only have approximately four (4) teeth. The structure of the teeth appear to be pointed at the end, which causes injury on those who are in contact with them. Its hands have wide, yet short claws that are narrow and pointed at the end. SCP-3216 has no eyes and the eyes are replaced with skin that is pushed into the skull.

The main feature of SCP-3216 is the corrosive material that it can transfer without the material being visible. The material has only been studied after ██ ██████'s body was recovered from the cell. Even after the study, the material could not be identified. The main detail discovered was that the material starts off weak and small, but it continuously grows and becomes stronger and larger. The corrosive material is spread through the fingertips of SCP-3216, and approximately one (1) hour later, multiple organs inside the body along with the skin that overlaps those organs will be corroded, causing a fatality.

SCP-3216 is very hostile. Any personnel that enters the cell will be assaulted. The corrosive material will spread to them and the personnel will be physically attacked by SCP-3216. Most personnel perish more due to the close ranged attacks with SCP-3216's physical adaptations rather than its corrosive material being spread.

SCP-3216 is verbal, yet cannot be understood. Its frequent sounds relate to that of a gurgling noise. The more stressed or irritated SCP-3216 becomes, the louder the noises become. Due to this reason, communication with SCP-3216 is not able to happen.

If SCP-3216 were to escape, highly trained security members must search for it in groups that are made up of at least ten (10) personnel. If the search fails, personnel are to evacuate from the facility immediately.