Mornin', Agent.

My name, rather, codename, is Someone Not Important. Designation Agent 581.

Sorry for the rudeness of my associates. We just wanted to talk to you, but you were too rude and attacked one of our men. It's a usual reaction to people trying to talk to you in the middle of the night. Now, here's a certain problem with you going past restrictions we placed for a reason.

We don't want you to spread things that you learned.

So, instead of terminating your contract with the Foundation. Because, if you look here, under Article 4c, Amendment 56.3, you cannot access restricted documents to your clearance level. We're inviting you to our little, secret family.

The Internal Security Department delivers information discreetly. I just wanted to clarify that before I told you the information we're giving you here. Because we had so many questions about that from Overseer Command, we had to integrate this into our orientations.

We are the Special Incidents Department. Ever heard of us? No? Exactly. We do our jobs as quietly as possible. There is close to no room for error in our line of work, as one mistake could compromise all we've done to protect the Foundation, just like what you've done.

The central idea of our department is to keep a secrecy maintained. No, we aren't the Department of Misinformation. They deal with the populous of Earth. We deal with the Foundation itself. No, we aren't the Overseer Staff. They're connected to the Overseers and know their names. We don't.

The S.I.D, as you'll come to know it, deals with three things. Proper expungement. Inter-Site Defense. And my personal favorite, the keeping of secrets from the Foundation that even they don't need to know.

The Division of Redactions and Expungement works with the Ethics Committee. Once a Researcher makes a document, he or she sends it to the Ethics Committee to approve it. But then what? Where does it go? Who makes the redactions? The D.R.E, of course. They basically get rid of any information requested by Overseers to be removed or any information such as gorey descriptions and addresses, names, etc expunged or redacted.

The mainline Special Incidents Unit deals with raids made by Groups of Interest. Okay, so have you ever seen Security in action during a Chaos Insurgency raid? Good. Because I'll personally tell you that was us. Sure, Security deals with the 049-2 and Outbreaks and Breaches until Mobile Task Forces arrive, but you don't think they're that skilled, right?

Then you have the Division of Amnestics and Memryics. You may have heard of it once or twice as the Amnestics-Memetics Research Project within the Scientific Department. That's just a cover and excuse for the discovery and use of memetics and Amnestics. The D.A.M just researches how, when, and where to use Amnestics and Memetics. They deliver specific ones to specific sites and broadcasts so we can keep a hold of information.

And now you know. But there's still a lingering question. Who knows about us? Well, there's Administration, with the Site Directors, Overseer Command, and the Administrator themself. The Ethics Committee, rather the Director of Ethics. Less commonly if we do require him, the Director of Security.

Listen. At this point, I'll be sparing and give you three options. Option one, your contract is terminated and you are given Class-C Amnestics. Option two, you are given multiple doses of Class-B Amnestics, and keep your job. And the third option, the option I chose. You join us as a Junior Agent, you get your own codename and designation. People will still know you for you, and you can be commended by Overseer Command for some heroic actions.

I'll let you decide. My personal opinion, join. You'll have a lot more fun than in the Scientific Department and a lot more to do than in Security. Just know, once you choose your option, you can't go back.

Choose wisely.