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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A fence is to be erected outside of the complex SCP-XXXX resides within. Armed guards are to patrol the complex posing as Mexican military police, and are to turn away all civilians looking to enter the complex. They are to use lethal force only if necessary.

10-30 D-Class personnel should be assigned to SCP-XXXX at all times. Suitable candidates for assignment possess a CRV (Cognitive Resistance Value) of below 10, and do not have a history of violent crime. These candidates should be briefed on the outward nature of SCP-XXXX, and take advanced courses on conflict resolution. Guards posted in the area must possess a CRV of above 10, and should be rotated out every three months and given a psychological evaluation.

Close monitoring of earthquakes in the Americas should be maintained at all times. Concurrent earthquakes exceeding 9.5 on the Richter scale should be reported to the director of Site-52 immediately. In the event these earthquakes are not coincidental, and are in fact related to SCP-XXXX, the CIF (Cognition Impairment Field) should be activated two minutes after confirmation. During this period high level personnel and researchers should be evacuated from SCP-XXXX.

Researchers studying the rituals and structures used to contain SCP-XXXX must possess a CRV of 10 or above. These researchers will study how to replicate the mechanism used to contain SCP-XXXX. Upon completion of the containment vessel, SCP-XXXX will be relocated to Site-52 and reclassified as Safe.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an incorporeal entity imprisoned inside an ornate statue. The statue is located within a complex of temples, pyramids, altars, and towers. These structures all serve an unknown function in the current containment of SCP-XXXX. The most important piece of this containment is a smooth gemstone embedded within the statues forehead, hereby referred to as SCP-XXXX-A. Testing of SCP-XXXX-A is impossible, so the cut cannot be determined. The civilization that built the complex predates the Aztec empire by ~1000 years. This was determined by carbon dating and historical records found within several temples in the vicinity. The masonry is smooth, suffering only minimal erosion over the millennium. Religious texts reference the XK-Class end of the world scenario to follow containment breach in vague terms. Investigations into "The Sixth Sun's Army" referenced in several of these texts, and what that entails come up fruitless.

SCP-XXXX poses a cognitohazard to individuals with a CRV of 10 or below. These individuals are highly susceptible to suggestions posed by SCP-XXXX, and are likely to follow all orders issued by the entity. SCP-XXXX speaks to individuals using auditory and visual hallucinations, and often appears as more than one instance conflicting itself. This tactic is colloquially referred to as "Good cop, bad cop." by junior researchers on site, as one instance of SCP-XXXX will appear friendly and cooperative, and the other will appear intimidating and aggressive. There is at the time of writing no upper limit to the amount of conversations SCP-XXXX can maintain at once, given that all subjects are within the complex. If SCP-XXXX chooses, it can appear to groups of people at a time, or different individuals separately. Regardless of language comprehension, subjects manage to understand SCP-XXXX and communicate with it, either verbally or telepathically. How this is achieved with subjects who do not possess a language is unknown.

Addenda: Currently MTF Eta-23 "Praise The Sun" are searching for instances of SCP-XXXX in the ruined temples of Central America. If an instance of SCP-XXXX is found, Project Solicide should be initiated. CIF and researchers familiar with SCP-XXXX should be allocated for the purposes of Project Solicide.

SCP-XXXX will not be reclassified until it has been relocated to a containment vessel. Stop asking. Currently, staff on site have everything under control. Those of you who are skittish due to the quasi-religious nature of what we are dealing with are free to ask for re-assignment to another project. The Foundation has dealt with worse than a statue in Central America. Be professionals about this. -Senior Researcher Andrews, Site-52