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Item #: SCP-R

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: As of incident R-A, SCP-R has been as neutralized and active containment is deemed no longer necessary. The glyphs within SCP-R-1 have been copied down for study before being scrubbed completely from the interior. The entryway to SCP-R-1 has been completely sealed off to the public and SCP-R-1 itself has been completely filled with cement.

The remains of SCP-R-2 have been incinerated.


As of incident R-A, the description of this object is outdated and contains information of the objects initial documentation. It is included in this article for archival purposes.

Description: SCP-R-1 refers to a 4m3 room within an unmarked section of the Green Terrace Apartment complex in [REDACTED], PA. SCP-R-1 can only be accessed by removing a panel on the rear wall of the supply room on the seventh floor of the complex.

The anomalous property of SCP-R-1 manifests when the door of the room is shut. The interior of the room operates on a separate time scale than the outside world. The flow of time is significantly slower within the room, with 24 hours within the room correlating to roughly seven seconds outside. The source of this anomalous phenomena appears to be a highly complex thaumatologic glyph taking up the majority of the western wall of the room.
R-1: secret room outside the normal timeflow because thaumatology/kinetoglyphs. 1 day in room = only a few seconds, but you still age normally. has some books, drawing supplies, weights. intentionally destroyed by exposing it to other timeflow. everything inside turned to dust.


The entryway to SCP-R-1

R-2: corpse of r-1 inhabitant. skin completely invisible, even to IR. body exploded, inside parts are not invisible. also from thaumatology/kinetoglyphs. tried to stop aging, exploded. was in the room too long, if he left he would turn to dust. b.c.e kinetoglyphs that he fucked up because super complex/ancient. 88% of body mass found. closest genetic match found to be at least 100 years old, so he's been in there a while (mom died 18██ or something)

Discovery: rotten flesh smell

Destruction: researcher slipped on invisible piece of flesh, messed up time-altering kinetoglyph. caused regular timeflow to enter room, everything turned to dust. object neutralized.

Addendum: 2-2.5x size of normal footprints seen in snow on security footage around apartment of r-1. brushed over and trail lost by time a team could be dispatched. investigation if related

Other: Maybe some tests about how the timeflow works or reverse engineering the glyphs, but they're too complex/unstable. maybe some reports about an "ghost" around the apartment complex/neighborhood.