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SCP-C-1 [Cognitohazard removed]

Item #: SCP-C

Object Class: Keter (idea: Keter -> Safe -> Keter)

Threat Level: Red1

Special Containment Procedures: A series of Internet-connected Foundation-owned devices are set to enter SCP-C trigger words on a private network at regular intervals. Upon the first sign of SCP-C-1 manifestation, another device on the same network will enter more trigger words in order to catch SCP-C's attention, whilst the original device will clear the original entry, thus removing it as a target for SCP-C-1. This cycle will repeat ad infinitum, continually keeping SCP-C-1 in it's hunting phase and preventing it from attempting to reconnect to the public Internet.

Once SCP-C-1 is present on this bait network, the network will then be disconnected from Internet, effectively trapping SCP-C-1

Foundation web crawlers will be employed to scour the Internet for the same keywords as SCP-C.The framework that SCP-C uses is dated2 compared to Foundation technology, which allows Foundation web crawlers to more quickly hunt down and suppress targetted information than SCP-C can detect it and deploy SCP-C-1.

Description: SCP-C is an anomalous web crawler software designed to target users who enter specific keywords and phrases on the Internet. Once SCP-C has detected one of it's triggers, it deploys SCP-C-1. Efforts in removing SCP-C from the internet have been unsuccessful, as it is believed to have been active since 2004, with ██ years since detection by the Foundation, allowing SCP-C to develop a speculated ████ vectors of infection throughout the Internet and private networks.

These phrases include:



As of 6/4/20██, SCP-C-1 has been detected on the Foundation's "SCiPNET" private network. As such, any mention or discussion of SCP-C's trigger words is forbidden on grounds of potential demotion or termination. A list of all forbidden words and phrases on SCiPNET is present as a physical document at every Foundation site. SCP-C has been reclassified as Keter, and documentation clearance requirement has been set to level 4.

SCP-C-1 is an anomalous computer virus that appears on devices of victims targeted by SCP-C. SCP-C-1 will manifest within 72 hours of SCP-C detecting a trigger word or phrase online. The anomalous effect of SCP-C-1 manifests as cognitohazardous image depicting a crude, black figure on a dialog window on the victim's device. Within 30 seconds of viewing the image, the victim will experience the rapid development of a brain aneurysm along with severe cerebral hemorrhaging, resulting in the brain-death of the victim in 97% of cases.

Signs of SCP-C-1 infection include:

  • The sudden opening and closing of the command prompt
  • High fan speed despite no programs running
  • A buzzing noise from audio outputs when no sound is playing

After SCP-C-1 is deployed to a targets device, it will lay dormant for an indeterminate period of time. The range of time that SCP-C-1 has been documented to remain on a device undetected ranges from 24 hours to ██ years. Due to the length of time SCP-C-1 can remain dormant as well as the relative ubiquity of SCP-C's trigger words, it is speculated that there are currently █████ civilians targeted by SCP-C-1.