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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Current research suggests the effects of SCP-X exists only within the region of [DATA EXPUNGED], defined as Area-76. As such, further containment of the anomaly is impossible. SCP-X's primary effect has also become common knowledge, but it's anomalous nature is still hidden to the public at large. Foundation disinformation teams have crafted a narrative proclaiming the effect of SCP-X to be part of the natural local culture of the area. This narrative has been successful in hiding the true nature of the region, with even residents afflicted by SCP-X accepting this cover story as fact. Foundation agents are to be embedded in local police forces and government offices to monitor and counteract potential SCP-X-B events. In order to prevent influence on Foundation members by SCP-X, special Class-Bω amnestics are to be provided to personnel and no Foundation personnel are to remain in Area-76 for longer than 30 days.

As the region itself appears to be the catalyst for SCP-X's effect, efforts are to be put in place to influence local populations into moving away from the affected area. This is to be done by making Area-76 an inhospitable place to live. Due to the significant population of Area-76, regular Foundation tactics such as large-scale amnestic administration, forced relocation, or warhead detonation are not feasible goals to reduce the population of Area-76. Instead, more nuanced tactics are to be used in order to subtly motivate citizens to leave on their own volition.

Efforts include:

  • Reductions in funding for local public schools, resulting in closing.
  • Greatly delayed civil services such as mail carriers, road workers, garbage collectors, etc.
  • Intentional creation of road obstructions, such as potholes, flooding, and debris.
  • Intentional trafficking of drugs into the general population
  • Establishment of "Safe Injection Sites" in areas with high drug addiction rates

These strategies have proven high effective in naturally reducing the population of Area-76. Since the phenomenon's initial discovery in 1955, the population has reduced by ██%.

Description: SCP-X is a localized phenomenon affecting the American city of [DATA EXPUNGED]. The primary anomalous effect of SCP-X is statistically relevant levels of heightened aggression in citizens residing in this region. Physical location is the only determining factor of SCP-X; citizenship, residence, and nativity are completely irrelevant. Symptoms of SCP-X will manifest after an indeterminate period of time after a person enters the region. Affected citizens, hereby referred to as SCP-X-A, are uncharacteristically prone to violent outbursts, either physical or verbal. This typically results in violence between two or more instances of SCP-X-A. SCP-X-A make up and estimated 73.6% of the population of Area-76.

When a significant number of SCP-X-A congregate, a SCP-X-B event may occur.

SCP-X-B events are characterized by their "avalanche effect" of quickly spiraling into extended periods of violence with little to no motive for instances of SCP-X-A partaking in the event. Instances of SCP-X-A that do enter or cause an SCP-X-B event with intent or rational reasoning typically do not recall why they engaged in the violence shortly after the event subsides. Many SCP-X-A who had no relation to any party in an SCP-X-B event may join in, similarly without being able to explain their reasoning afterwards. SCP-X-B events almost always result in several casualties.

Police intervention is not typically beneficial without Foundation oversight, as local law enforcement are also affected by SCP-X, and are just as likely to join in on and SCP-X-B event.
Likely catalysts for an SCP-X-B event include:

  • Sporting events
  • Political demonstrations
  • Concerts