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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX's hyperlinks and entrances are to be monitored by
the MTF Rho-9 "Technical Support" Team "Finity". All civilians who encounter SCP-XXXX must be immediately provided Class A amnestics.
All computers directly leading to SCP-XXXX are closely guarded, and locked away in a 2m by 2m
containment room.
If information is leaked from SCP-XXXX, carry out Procedure "615187520" (see Addendum B for details).
When extracting information for an investigation, carry out Procedure "1851313218" (see Addendum C for details).



Logo of the Hyperwebster

SCP-XXXX, also known as the Hyperwebster, is an encrypted website library that cannot be accessed through normal search engines.

The appearance of the Hyperwebster follows a Merriam-Webster layout, with several minor modifications.
Pages are either accessed via the internal search engine or alphabetized page list.
The Hyperwebster does not have accounts. It covers a variety of subjects from normal subjects to dangerous subjects such as information on the Foundation.

The Hyperwebster was developed during the 21st century in a parallel universe while for the mainline universe it was the Early Middle Ages, by a sect of Serpent's Hand1 comprised of transhumanists and people who claim that compiling the infinite number of pages and subjects is possible. The Hyperwebster is currently incomplete, but contains enough information to be considered as a threat to normalcy. The number of pages has not increased since the 9th century.2 Examples of Hyperwebster page subjects are alternate versions of the Foundation, pages on groups of interest and the Foundation itself that should not be known to the public.

Because completion of the Hyperwebster is impossible, the sect has abandoned the project, and has been now dissolved by the aggressive intervention of MTF Kappa-10 "Skynet" teams.
Attempts to hack the Hyperwebster have since failed.

"Hyperlinks" are anomalous links that lead to either directly the Hyperwebster or another Hyperlink. They open an anomalous window in which mainline computer software can view an identical copy of it's own, with the exception that it can view the Hyperwebster.3

Discovery: The Hyperwebster was discovered when reports of a website containing a tremendous amount of pages and "fictitious subjects" was circulating around the Dark Web. The MTF Kappa-10 "Skynet" teams began to investigate this, and discovered the Hyperwebster after 5 years of accessing links and bypassing firewalls, from which they encountered the Hyperlinks. The first link was provided by an information brokering website in the Deep Web, which led to a trail of hyperlinks that were very difficult to connect, after which the site was encountered.