evreul bibi
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
The entity needs to be locked in a 7 m x 7 m x7 m isolated cell with a double stud wall encased in 5 cm alloy steel reinforced with 4 cm of polymer concrete. The cell has 2 soundproofing clip steel doors with a gap between them for perfect sound isolation. In case of an emergency, class D personnel are given a syringe to incapacitate the entity.

Scp-XXXX is a humanoid creature measuring 1.79 m in height. The subject has medium body mass with no hair, with scars all over its body. The entity has disproportionate hands the right arm being bigger in length. On the left limb having 9 cm claws and on the smaller right limb having 6 cm claws. The claws on the right arm emanate neurotoxic venom.

Scp-XXXX is normally docile but if it hears a sound with a frequency between 30hz and 40hz the entity begins to scrape walls doors and moans indescribable words, between 50hz and 60hz it starts to hurt itself impaling his body with his claws, between 60hz and 80hz the entity starts sprinting at the door trying to destroy it by no mean, at ██hz the entity dies by cardiac arrest.

Scp-XXXX has no digestive system neither a mouth, its face is made out of two white eyes that have limited vision or no vision at all, it has two ears under its nose, those ears are hypersensitive and they
start bleeding at 50hz.

Photos of Scp-3592 are not allowed Lo be taken because this intervention is too risky. An intervention team tried to take photos of it but they died because a camera malfunctioned and made a sound of 40hz the camera crew was slaughtered and the other personnel escaped with minor injuries.