Item Number: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is kept in a 5x5x5 meter room with both walls and ceilings being made of a mixture of lead and concrete no less than 2m in diameter with one access point for delivery only, The delivery door is to be kept sealed at all times until delivery is necessary. SCP-XXXX fitted at Site-16, SCP-XXXX must be given 10 grams of uranium a week, If said amount has not been delivered the surrounded area will go into lockdown and all personnel within are to be presumed dead and are to be quarantined, Four guards equipped with a Hazmat suit, .50 caliber handgun, and lead cased bullets are to be present around SCP-XXXX's containment area at all times as due to SCP-XXXX's aggressive behavior it is to be shot at times to "calm it down" and injure it momentarily. such containment features shall be checked every 24 hours in order to check for damage.

In worst case scenario to prevent an escape attempt by SCP-XXXX, the site is to initiate its on-site warhead which will result in no casualties. Rather than destroy the facility SCP-XXXX will be drawn back into the facility due to the presence of active radioactive energy emitted,(it appears SCP-XXXX is drawn to the presence of radioactive materials) thus the warhead is not detonated but rather devoured as SCP-XXXX feeds off of radioactive materials, immediate replacement of said warhead is to follow.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an aggressive yet Sorrowful Wolf-like entity that emits a green glow from its eyes, peeling of the skin and fur along with a list of un-natural properties such as Slowness, (One exception is when high concentrations of radioactive materials being present, SCP-XXXX will reach un-natural speeds thus making the warhead a good last resort.) Extreme Weakness (Assumed due to a mutation in muscles of the entity.) Constant emission of radiation, Radioactive Teeth (SCP-XXXX appears to have pieces of an unknown radioactive material rather than teeth made from calcium.) and as of present immortality, SCP XXXX cannot be killed by any currently known means however it will still feel pain. The entity has shown the ability to climb walls and emits constant radioactive particles of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, recent testing has shown that SCP-XXXX also emits a particle of radiation that was previously unknown, this particle has been given the name Omega, it is due to this particle that makes SCP-XXXX such a threat to personnel and the world if it ever escaped, The omega particle, unlike the rest, has been shown to be not made of electrons or protons but rather quarks thus making it nearly impossible to detect or cure breaking down even the most complex materials.
SCP-XXXX is fed a weekly diet of 10 grams of uranium-235 in which it screeches while eating (Dr ██████ has suggested that the entity is in pain while eating) doing so stops the production of Omega radiation for a short means of time, however, in-turn increase's the amount of alpha, beta and gamma radiation reduced by SCP-XXXX, this has shown to be the only known way to prevent Omega radiation from being produced.

Addendum 1: Recovery: SCP-XXXX was initially recovered from the basement of the Chernobyl nuclear plant upon reports of screeching noise's coming from deep in the disaster, during a recovery order on ██/██/██, what personal found down there was SCP-XXXX, it had been feasting off the "elephants foot" (A huge mass of radioactive molten substances) for what eye witnesses have said what seems like a month, SCP-XXXX was secured in a large lead-lined crate adorn with a Geiger counter to constantly measure levels of radiation emitted, SCP-XXXX was recovered that day along with a sample of the "elephants foot" so testing could be done as to find why the entity was so attracted to it, Knowledge on the entity's previous location(s) is unknown.

Addendum 2: Arrival: Upon arrival at Site-16 SCP-XXXX began showing symptoms of a stroke and began to emit higher levels of radiation than that of when SCP-XXXX was at Chernobyl, quickly SCP-XXXX's state began rapidly declining which as such resulted in instance XXXX-01 (see instance 3944-01 for more information) after said instance SCP-XXXX was secured in containment.

Instance XXXX-01: Upon the arrival to Site-16 On ██/██/████ SCP-XXXX began showing symptoms of a stoke and immediately began producing higher doses of radiation all personal without hazmat within 3 minutes began to vomit and on one instance even collapse, the surrounding area was put under lockdown for 3 hours in which all personnel were to contain the radiation produced by SCP-XXXX however upon 10 minutes of exposure all personal without hazmat were in critical state with symptoms as follows;

Skin slowly dying and leaving behind bone and flesh.
Intense pain.
Bleeding from every orifice.
Boiling of blood and organs.
The symptoms only got worse as time went on soon after all personal with hazmat began feeling symptoms, they were all soon after in critical state or even dead, SCP-XXXX was only contained after such high enough levels of radiation was able to weaken the crate containing it, instinctively it immediately began to eat away at the sample of the "elephants foot" reducing radiation levels to what was seen previously, 3 personal survived only in critical state during their final moments Dr ██████ interviewed personal B-2124 on what was observed (refer to Document #XXXX-1 for further details.)

Document #XXXX-1: B-2124 final moments

Dr ██████: B-2124 How are you feeling?

B-2124: all I can. .. feel.. is PAIN!!!

Dr ██████: calm down B-2124 we don't have much time I need you to recall exactly what happened.

B-2124: The thing… it was shaking.. and then there was … a light… and then they all DROPPED!!.

Dr ██████: yes but how exactly did that happen B-2124?

B-2124: the Geiger (starts breathing heavily) it crashed.

Dr ██████: so it stopped working or too high to read?

B-2124: too high. . just too high (excessive coughing of blood)

B-2124: doc this is it for me… isn't it?

Dr ██████: we shall do our best to keep you alive but the entity's containment is our utmost concern.

B-2124: No, no, I won't make it back… its over… just gotta accept it.

Dr ██████: we will try to keep yo… (interrupted by B-2124)


Dr ██████: stay calm B-2124 we cant ha… (interrupted by B-2124)

B-2124: AHH SHIT IT'S BITING ME, HOW CAN TH…. (Large amounts of static and screeching noises)

Dr ██████: B-2124?.. come in B-2124 can you hear me?

B-2124: (Static and choking noise's)

At this point B-2124 is assumed dead though no body was found, It is impossible to check as to what happened to B-2124 due to rapid mutation of DNA if not for site-16's database all personal in Incident XXXX-1 would be unidentifiable.