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Item #: What Item #? Numbers are impossible!

Object Class: There is no marking this thing! It's everywhere, it's inside of my head!

Special Containment Procedures: Don't. Ever. Research. This…

Description: I… I just can't… I've dug too deep. There's too much evidence and too little to where everything contradicts! Too many people are alive, too many that weren't even supposed to exist!

To those who are reading this, I am Researcher [DATA EXPUNGED]. Those idiots over at the Ethics Committee will probably remove all the important information about this. But I'll at least try to tell you everything I know before I try to prove this theory. I am a part of Project [REDACTED]. We were assigned to SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED ON REQUEST OF O5-1]1. We called it the Theory of Existance. And… It wore us down. Took our will to live, and even our life force. First to fall was Doctor [REDACTED]. Sleep deprivation they said.

Then… everything went to hell. Writing on the walls, computers broken. I just noticed a damn pattern every time I saw a person day. They die thirty days after they say SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED ON REQUEST OF O5-1]. Then I made the same mistake. Something was sucking on my information. Like a sponge sucking in water. Except I was the water.

Don't fall for their tricks. If they say it can be contained. They are lying. If they say its safe to test. It's false. Don't believe a word they say. It's all a lie. Reality and its existence is a lie.

- Researcher [REDACTED]

Note from Overseer Command:
The SCP known as the Theory of Existence is a dangerous SCP. We redacted the designation for a reason. Because it was cursed. When we assigned Project New Life onto it, we knew it was a direct mistake. So, in memory of them, we have edited the Document to comprehension and the safest way possible.