Experiment 3468 A
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Documentation of Experiment 3468 A, an experiment of the consistency of SCP-3468’smost powerful effects.

Experiment 3468 A is being supervised by Level Three (3) Researcher Dr. Ehlert.
D-4612 is a Caucasian male of stocky build and a convicted felon. The incident was recorded by cameras in the testing chamber and a microphone attached to D-4612. D-4612 is given directions from Dr. Ehlert via headset.

Dr. Ehlert: D-4612, please proceed into the testing chamber.

D-4612 enters the testing room. The gate is remotely closed behind him.

Dr. Ehlert: Thank you. Now, pick up SCP-3468 at the center of the room and wind it up fifteen (15) times, then set it down and let it ‘chatter’.
D-4612 complies.

Dr. Ehlert: How do you feel? Describe your condition.

D-4612: Uh… It’s doing its thing, chattering and all… pretty damn annoying actually. I ain’t feeling nothing though.

24 seconds pass with no apparent effects manifesting.

D-4612: Look, is this some kind of joke? Ain’t nothing goin-

D-4612 screams. Video feed shows him clutching his face and falling to the floor. As he turns and pounds on the door, it becomes apparent through the video feed that his entire lower jaw has become loose, with no bone appearing to support it. Subject is let out and testing is terminated. During subject’s treatment, x-ray analysis shows that D-4612’s mandible and lower dentition was entirely removed from his face. No other structures in subject’s head were affected aside from mandibular bone.

Note from Dr. ████: We all like D-4612 better now that he can’t provide us with incessant back-talk.