Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a completely soundproof cell with no speakers or objects that produce any form of sound. This cell is to be located in an empty section of the facility that requires level 4 access to enter. The cameras in SCP-XXXXs cell must be completely silent due to the specimens reaction to the faintest of sounds. SCP-XXXX can only be removed from his cell with clearance from at least three (3) level 4 personnel and the escort of four (4) armed guards. Before SCP-XXXX can be removed from his containment area, he must be heavily sedated and the areas the specimen is to travel through are to be made completely silent and all personnel must be evacuated. In order to be transported SCP-XXXX must be placed in a mobile, soundproof cell in order to prevent him attacking any personnel if it is to wake up during transit. In the event of a containment breach, loud music must be played through all intercoms in every area of the facility. This will cause immense pain to SCP-XXXX to the point that it will be unable to move. While in this state a strike force must heavily sedate the specimen and escort it to its cell.

Description: SCP-XXXX has the appearance of a pale skinned, Caucasian, male with a height of 2.72m (8ft 11.1in). The specimen has brown, scruffy hair and green eyes with scars covering his entire throat and sharp, tapered fingers. SCP-XXXXs most noticeable feature however is its mouth as its lips have been crudely sewn together with black thread. The combination of SCP-XXXXs mouth being sewn up and throat injuries prevent any form of verbal communication from it. SCP-XXXX wears a white shirt that has multiple tears around the bottom which expose his lower stomach and back. The specimen also wears torn, brown shorts which expose most of its legs.
SCP-XXXX seems to have extremely sensitive ears as it seems to feel immense pain from any form of sound. Testing shows that the louder the sound is, the more pain SCP-XXXX feels. When the pain that SCP-XXXX feels becomes too much it will enter a docile state in which it appears to block out as much sound as possible. While in this stage SCP-XXXX will cease to move until all sounds stop. If SCP-XXXX encounters any life form capable of producing any form of sound, it will stare at the subject and put its right index finger against its lips as if telling the subject to ''sshh". After doing this the subject will immediately pass out. During this time (usually lasting 10-15 minutes) SCP-XXXX will proceed to pull out a seemingly never-ending roll of black thread and a single needle and will sew the victims mouth shut. After sewing its victims mouth shut, SCP-XXXX will use its fingers to slash at the victims throat, causing permanent damage to the victims throat. After this process is complete, SCP-XXXX will put its right index finger against its lips again and within ten (10) minutes, the victim will awaken. Due to the injuries caused in this process, the victim will be unable to verbally communicate for the rest of their life. The injuries sustained often cause immense trauma to the victim and most often result in suicide. Tests show that it is impossible to remove the thread from the victims mouth as the thread appears to be extremely resistant to all forms of damage. SCP-XXXX came into the foundations possession in 20██ when [DATA EXPUNGED].


Notes on behaviour: SCP-XXXX is seemingly peaceful when no sound is present. SCP-XXXX has been observed to take walks around his cell and sometimes smile as much as he can with his lips sewn together however when sound is present SCP-XXXX goes into a state of pain during which it will plug its ears and be less focused causing the specimen to fall and bump into objects. During this time the specimen will also not try to perform its ritual on any lifeforms it sees and instead will focus on finding a place that is quiet enough to not cause SCP-XXXX any pain. After SCP-XXXX has been in pain it will be extremely disoriented for a short time (the amount of time depends on how long the specimen has been exposed to sound and how loud said sound was) causing it to remain in a docile state until the specimen believes it can begin to move again.

Reclassification: During a containment breach on [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-XXXX performed its ritual on fifteen (15) people and brutally murdered five (5) guards who attempted to interrupt the ritual or attempted to recapture the specimen. All victims of SCP-XXXXs ritual committed suicide within 48 hours. Shortly after this incident Dr.██████ requested that SCP-XXXX be reclassified to Keter level and stronger containment procedures be put in place.