Item #: SCP-3211

Object class: safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-3211 restrictively roams the facility under watchful eye, if SCP-3211 rebels, use tranquilizers to render SCP-3211 helpless. Otherwise SCP-3211 is to be kept in a monitored room similar to his old one to analyze mental and structural data. Special items were given to SCP-3211 upon request. Nothing abnormal in a sort other than demanded access to very high and prestigious education.

Description: SCP-3211 is a 16 year old Caucasian male with brown hair standing at 5 foot 8 named Frank A. Dawson (name given upon request) with a cultural origin of America. who exhibits hypermobile movements throughout his body. These movements are often used when reacting to a stimuli. SCP-3211 is diagnosed with epilepsy, ADHD, and aspergers. Various tests and analytical discussions will be used to determine if this has any effect on SCP-3211’s abilities. Blood tests show that SCP-3211 is physically out of shape and has low vitamin D levels. The Foundation will help boost SCP-3211’s health for further study. SCP-3211’s main traits are as followed:
Ability to see the future through precognition. Specially, he sees them every night. Discussions with SCP-3211 explains that SCP-3211 has multiple deja vu moments a day. SCP-3211 is unable to control when and how these dreams happen. He also reports of them happening when SCP-3211 zones out.
Enhanced intelligence: Correlation between SCP-3211’s out of box way of thinking and surprising math skills for a teen are linked to his aspergers. SCP-3211 helps conduct experiments around the facility. SCP-3211 doesn’t stop talking about one subject. Again, part of his aspergers.
Can resist mass amounts of pain: SCP-3211 can withstand heavy amounts of pain exerted onto his body. SCP-3211 explains he feels the same amount of pain as a normal human being, but from his “stress relieving habits” he can withstand vast amounts. Research into how this happened will make important contributions to human biology.
Invulnerability to other SCPs: SCP-3211 exhibits a trait that resists the effects of other SCPs. Multiple tests confirm that he is not affected by transformative SCPs or mind altering SCPs. We have yet to expose SCP-3211 to SCP-166. Risks running are too high. Blood samples indicate no abnormalities in SCP-3211’s bloodstream that could allude to his invulnerability to other SCPs. Slight traces of alpha radiation were found throughout the body and organs of SCP-3211. Further research is required until a conclusion is reached on the alpha radiation and its effects on the body of SCP-3211.
SCP-3211 is described to be of [location retracted] and is introverted. He does not like discussions very much. So SCP-3211 often keeps to himself, often answering with “okay’ or “yes”. Just simple answers. Advice from SCP-3211 on SCP-166 was to compare the brain structure of the subject before exposure to after. Soon after SCP-3211 will be exposed to SCP-3211 in a risky operation in finding out what makes him tick.
SCP-3211 has finished being exposed to SCP-166. No ill effects were recorded to SCP-3211. No additional information was acquired. SCP-3211 has been working as the lead scientist on finding out the substance that makes up SCP-113, which SCP-3211 wants to be exposed to. Saying he “thinks he can control it” in such a way that he can resist and allow it to pass through. Like the membrane of a cell. SCP-3211 says that he will call the substance “particle 7835” until a proper name is decided. Test results will be published in document 346a and document 84567b. See log S638c for SCP-3211’s activities (awaiting declassification).