Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to remain in it’s cell at all times. SCP-XXXX’s containment cell is a 6 m x 6 m x 3 m airtight, near absolute dark ( < .00005 lx), 4 meter thick, concrete cell, with an additional 1 meter lead layer within the concrete walls.1 The cell has a 5 metric ton, reinforced entry door due to the unknown strength capacity of SCP-XXXX.
Outside of this door there is a 10 m x 2 m x 3 m, near absolutely dark ( < .00005 lx) hallway that acts as a buffer between SCP-XXXX’s containment cell and the lit facility containing it.
At each corner of SCP-XXXX’s cell there are infrared cameras monitoring SCP-XXXX’s movements and body heat at all times. If SCP-XXXX’s body heat drops below 23 Celsius, or exceeds 30 Celsius, then the facility containing SCP-XXXX should go on high alert until the issue is understood, if not resolved.
While one of SCP-XXXX’s cell doors are open the other is to remain shut, until the other is fully and securely closed. While SCP-XXXX’s containment area is inactive, no activities are being conducted in SCP-XXXX’s buffer zone, both doors are to remain shut.
Testing and experimentation involving or surrounding SCP-XXXX must be led by a Senior Researcher and be cleared by no less than two (2) Level-4 personnel and the current Site Director/s of the facility conducting and containing said experimentation.

Procedure XXXX-1 is to be carried out consistently and as needed for the sake of sanitation. (See Addendum XXXX-3)

If a containment breach is reported, every room within 45 meters of SCP-XXXX’s cell is to have its power shut down until SCP-XXXX is recontained.

SCP-XXXX is to not be contained within the same district as any SCP entity that requires light to be present in containment.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a bipedal humanoid of lanky figure, standing around 1.9 meters, weighing no less than 97.5 kg, and no more than 102.2 kg. The creature has no apparent external organs besides skin and an anus. Skin is heavily pale, but not void of pigmentation. Facial features such as eyes, mouth, nose, and ears are not present. However SCP-XXXX has what appears to be black hair on the top of it's head, this hair extends down to hang at the mid-back. Hair is not present anywhere else on SCP-XXXX’s body. On the front of SCP-XXXX's torso there are two large bumps (suspected to represent breast), this may suggest SCP-XXXX is female in origin, however the lack of any other evidence (apart from “female type” hair) this can not be completely confirmed.

While in darkness SCP-XXXX seems to be in what appears to be in a hibernation like state. Before entering this hiberatory state, SCP-XXXX will roll itself into the fetal position while sitting on to the ground before being unresponsive and showing no life signs besides body heat.

SCP-XXXX does not show any need for oxygen or any other respiration requirements, neither aerobic or anaerobic. The diet of SCP-XXXX is unknown, it is largely suspected that SCP-XXXX does not have a desire to eat, no form of eating used by SCP-XXXX has been discovered. However the organism still seems to gain mass and then expel of said mass via defecation. This mass gain seems to happen gradually over approximately twenty-seven (27) hours and fifty-three (53) minutes, and always totals to 4.7 kg. SCP-XXXX will exit hibernation before relocating to a relatively empty area and defecating always a total of 4.7 kg mass of human teeth2 (1 kg) and digested grass (3.7 kg), confirmed to be Cynodon dactylon. Afterwards SCP-XXXX will return to previous hibernation spot and enter the hiberatory state. This process will repeat continuously.

SCP-XXXX’s internal temperature changes in response to the frequency and amount of the EM radiation that is touching its skin. Frequencies below 1012 and amounts less than .0001 lx seem to have a negligible effect to SCP-XXXX. However, any above 1012 and amounts over .0001 lx should be considered dangerous levels. Hence, SCP-XXXX is considered extremely photophobic, any visible light touching SCP-XXXX’s skin (or higher frequencies: >1012) causes it to have a fit of instantaneous rage, until the light is no longer touching SCP-XXXX’s skin. Anyone within 40 meters3 of SCP-XXXX during its rage will spontaneously be attacked by SCP-XXXX, it's rage can be stopped instantly by stopping the initial EM radiation (≥1012) source, and all others, from touching SCP-XXXX. The means of stopping the light source do not appear to matter: coverage and/or stopping the source directly or indirectly. It is suspected that it is not the radiation directly that causes SCP-XXXX’s rage, rather it’s the internal temperature of SCP-XXXX’s body. Further testing is required for confirmation.

It has also been suggested that the internal temperature of SCP-XXXX is linked to how strong, fast, and intelligent SCP-XXXX is during its rage. Further testing is required for confirmation.

SCP-XXXX is believed to be between 32-[REDACTED], this estimate was concluded via samples of feces that can be dated to [REDACTED] years ago.

Addendum XXXX-1: Apprehension:

Apprehension of SCP-XXXX caused a total of loss of life of 8 humans [Five (5) civilians, one (1) law enforcement officers, and One (1) Field Agent]. Previous loss of life one (1) year before apprehension of SCP-XXXX, may scale upwards to ██.


SCP-XXXX was brought to the Foundation’s attention 3/8/20██; after numerous reports of unexplained disappearances of people going into ████ Cave, near ██████, Washington. After a police officer went missing while searching the cave for the previously mentioned missing people, the Foundation took over the investigation. It is believed that SCP-XXXX is between 32-[REDACTED] years old and has been killing people since 19██. Before SCP-XXXX’s capture a total of [REDACTED] human remains were found within the cave.

Extensive Report: Time logs of Apprehension:

3/4/20██: Five (5) young adults [Two (2) males and Three (3) females] left the town of ██████ to go “caving” (the act of exploring caves and caverns).
Source: Parents of said young adults; [REDACTED].

3/6/20██: A missing person report is filed on all Five (5) previously mentioned young adults. Six (6) Police officers are sent to search ████ Cave, which had been previously stated as the destination of the young adults by the parents of the young adults. Police officer’s split into groups of Three (3), one (1) group entering via the “main entrance”, another group entering through what is titled the “██████”. Police officers came to what appeared to be a collapsed tunnel, this tunnel was believed to be inaccessible since 19██. After further inspection a small entry was found in the collapsed rock, all Three (3) officers entered this tunnel and came into a larger section of the cave that was previously unknown. After around an hour of exploration they came upon SCP-XXXX in it’s hibratory state. The light from the officer’s lights triggered SCP-XXXX’s enraged state. Immediately SCP-XXXX attacked and killed one of the police officers, Officer ███████. The other two (2) officers fled the scene and reported in what they had seen and that one officer was incapacitated. After several hours a recovery team was sent in to find and locate the missing officer, without the guide of the initial entry officers, they refused to enter the cave again, the recovery team could not find the body of the officer or the perceived threat that had killed him.

3/8/20██: After police reports were completely made the Foundation was brought in to takeover the investigation until the issue was resolved. After the Foundation succeeded in locating SCP-XXXX the apprehension of the creature was relatively low-casualty. One Field Agent, Field Agent ████, searching through the cavern was killed by falling debris, however the interviews (See Addendum 2) with the officers who fled from SCP-XXXX helped the Mobile Task Force ████-█ in successfully capturing and containing SCP-XXXX. Class-A Amnesiacs were given to all civilians, including law enforcement, involved in the knowledge of SCP-XXXX.

3/██/20██: SCP-XXXX is moved to Containment Site-██ from Temporary Containment Facility-█.

Addendum XXXX-2: Victim Questioning:

Two (2) police officers who fled an attack by SCP-XXXX, one (1) accompanying officer was killed within viewing distance of said two (2) officers.

Interview 1: Officer [REDACTED]:

Was 10-15 meters from Officer ███████, who was killed by SCP-XXXX. Successfully fled from SCP-XXXX. Officer ██████ seemed to be in a solitary state of mind, victim was mildly uncooperative and relatively unopen about his experience with SCP-XXXX.

Recording XXXX-A

Field Agent █████: “You saw it the most clearly, did you not?”

Officer ██████: “I did, the damn witch.”

Field Agent █████: “Witch? Can you describe it please?”

Officer ██████: “Pale, tall, no face. Skinnier than the cigarette I’m smoking.”

Field Agent █████: “Is that all the details you can recall?”

Officer ██████: “Yeah, that’s it.”

Recording XXXX-A ends

Interview 2: Officer [REDACTED]:

Was 17-20 meters from Officer █████, who was killed by SCP-XXXX. Successfully fled from SCP-XXXX. Officer ████ seemed to be in distress and would respond to questions in an abstract, non-exact way. However, information provided to Field Agent █████ by Officer ████ helped emmensly in the capture of SCP-XXXX

Recording XXXX-B

Field Agent █████: “Can you describe your experience with the creature.”

Officer ████: “It was tall, pale, woman, had no fucking eyes, or a mouth. But it screamed, like nothing I've ever heard before, I could have sworn the damn thing made me deaf. Took nearly four (4) hours before the ringing stopped in my ears.”

Field Agent █████: “The previously reviewed officer, called it a witch. Do you have any similar speculations or thoughts about this title?”

Officer ██████: “Witch huh? More like a banshee.”

Field Agent █████: “So, no thoughts that may help in our search for the creature?”

Officer ██████: “It was ungodly fast, I only survived ‘cause the damn thing kept sitting back down.”

Field Agent █████: “Can you elaborate?”

Officer ██████: “I think it hates light, you know lightophobic.”

Field Agent █████: “Photophobic?”

Officer ██████: “Yeah, that.”

Field Agent █████: “Can you explain why you believe so?”

Officer ██████: “The thing would scream every time we’d hear it we were shining our lights on it, but like I said it had no mouth.”

Field Agent █████: “What about the sitting down?”

Officer ██████: “Everytime we would turn around and run, it would curl itself up into a ball, at least ‘till we looked behind us again with our lights.”

Field Agent █████: “So, you think that what triggers the creature’s anger is light.”

Officer ██████: “I do believe so.”

Field Agent █████: “Thank you for your time, a colleague of mine will be with you soon to discuss a matter of importance.”

Recording XXXX-B ends

Addendum XXXX-3: Procedure XXXX-1:

One (1) hour and thirty (30) minutes after SCP-XXXX enters hibernation post-defecation, three (3) Class D personnel are to enter SCP-XXXX’s cell, making use of the buffer area, and clean SCP-XXXX’s defecation. They are not to disturb SCP-XXXX’s state of hibernation nor do any activity, unless instructed by the Observations Director of SCP-XXXX, besides cleaning up the defecated mass of SCP-XXXX. While the Class D personnel are active in the clean up activity, both entry doors, main and buffer, are to remain shut.