Item #: SCP-8815

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 8815 should be contained in a 3x4 carbon box in the storage locker on the site jaredjg283outpost. it needs to be monitored every 2-3 months for any changes. only level 5 clearance can access SCP 8815.

Description: SCP 8815 appears to be a black necklace, with a crow holding a talisman, at first this seems like a normal necklace until the subject puts SCP 8815 on. after 5 seconds of putting SCP 8815 on the subject will begin feeling more…powerful. and they will begin to have these ¨abilities¨. one of the abilities are to turn into this being with knight armor, the armor has this black winged helmet and a red cape underneath on the left leg with a dark templar symbol. the being can survive some firearms and explosives but will eventually get injured(a few hours), the subject also have other abilities including pyrokinesis, create wings from the subjects back enabling him to fly, turn into a crowd of (500) crows and fly to any place he wants to and squish back together into the wearer, create a shadow mist from behind and create tendrils that can attack up to 30 feet, heal faster, and react faster, the subject also has the ability to recall SCP 8815 from anywhere in the galaxy if he wore it for more then two hours. but if the subject takes off SCP 8815, they will lose all their powers except for pyrokinesis, but the pyrokinesis will eventually stop after 2 days and the subject will be normal again. the subject also can't recall SCP 8815 if there dead. there are no really bad side effects of putting on SCP 8815 except that the subject who puts on SCP 8815 appears to not care anymore about their selves leading to life-threatening situations. even subjects who value their life a lot begins to not care about their life. the subject is aware most times of what they do but doesn't fully care much.

Discovery log: SCP 8815 was recovered from agents in Haiti, Milot. after there were rumors of a middle-aged man who¨flew away¨. agents later recovered SCP 8815 from him after going to his house, it was said SCP 8815 was created from the west African gods and loa to protect an unknown person back in 1751, most likely an African slave.