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Item #: SCP-042118-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
All staff that work in Castle Jagsthausen are to be replaced by foundation personnel, who will work maintenance and basic security.
As the Kingdom of Lord Thoth is assisting Foundation efforts to neutralize SCP-042118-J-1 and is of no current danger to humanity, containment measures are to be focused on defending the Kingdom of Lord Thoth from any attempted attacks by SCP-042118-J-1. MTF Nu-7 (Hammer Down) will be deployed to assist in defense of the kingdom (See procedure 2773 for defensive measures). Upon a confirmed siting of an SCP-042118-J-1 instance, MTF Eta-4 (Begone Thoth1) will be sent to terminate SCP-042118-J-1 by any available means regardless of their sexual desire. Before termination is completed or within seven seconds of termination, personnel are to yell the following to SCP-042118-J-1: BEGONE THOT, RETURN TO THE PIT OF HELL OF WHICH YOU CAME!! In large populations infected by SCP-042118-J-1, the Kingdom of Lord Thoth and MTF Eta-4 will work in a joint effort to capture all SCP-042118-J-1 instances and relocate the captured to Castle Jagsthausen for trial.

SCP-042118-J is the current ruler of the Kingdom of Lord Thoth, located in another reality that is within and in the appearance of Castle Jagsthausen in modern day Germany. SCP-042118-J can only manifest in a thundering voice in either the main hall of the castle, or the front courtyard. Having authority over a military force that is an exact copy of The Black Army2. Upon further investigation, it was discovered SCP-042118-J has been on an ongoing war with what they have named, "thots", henceforth SCP-042118-J-1.

SCP-042118-J-1 are an anomalous parasite that control the hosts actions. Amplifying their sexual desires and forcing others to be a form of sexual activity that will infect the victim. The origin of SCP-042118-J-1 and the kingdom is currently under investigation. With the most prevalent theory being SCP-042118-J-1 is the result of a disease that was released from the Ottoman Empire during the Italian War of 1542 to 15463. With one of the participants of the war, Gottfried "Götz" von Berlichingen4, summoned the black army for assistance due to their history of fighting the Ottoman Empire in the past. Although there remains a lack of evidence to support the idea, multiple connections between Berlichingen and SCP-042118-J is noted, an example being SCP-042118-J quoting an imprecation from Berlichingen, "Er kann mich im Arsche lecken",5 during a trial.

SCP-042118-J has provided supporting documents and historical records of assisting humanity from SCP-042118-J-1 infecting large populations. One example being the suppression of the festival of Bacchanalia6. When questioned over the difference of time periods of the Black Army and the festival of Bacchanalia, SCP-042118-J commented the following: "Since our coming, we have fought the thots in all times and places, they have grown in number and ability. This being one of their skills. But we do so similarly, why do you believe the internet says the holy phrase when a thot dies?"
Suspected for the creation of multiple sex cults, rule 347 and furries8, the foundation have given their assistance in the termination of SCP-042118-J-1.
When a SCP-042118-J-1 instance is captured by the Kingdom of Lord Thoth, they are put on trial within the main hall of Castle Jagsthausen with SCP-042118-J as the judge and in all instances, are executed in accordance by their sexual desires (See Addendum 042118-J-1 for examples of execution methods).

Addendum 042118-J-2:
All personnel who are deployed to Castle Jagsthausen are given a letter, this is a provided copy.

To the knights and squires of the foundation,

You come here know in our time of need, nay, the need of the world. We unite here now to fight against the thots. With our halberds and your holy bullets, our ability and your skill, nothing shall stand in our way.
More allies will join our cause, I have sent an urgent message to the Papal State for another crusade against the thots. As well as the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth and the Holy Roman Empire for assistance. Regardless of what they may say, we will fight, if need be for all of time.

I understand you may feel remorse or be reserved in killing the thots if you know them. I can say I felt the same. I was once in love, and had seven children, She was not a thot, rather a philosophical concept. But know this, they are long gone, feel hatred for the thots have taken them away!

Show no mercy,

Lord Thoth, destroyer of thots

Addendum 042118-J-3:

Due to the severity of methods of termination by SCP-042118-J-2, the Ethics Committee has requested the change of execution methods for the Kingdom of Lord Thoth. Request denied on the stand that a forceful change in termination methods could result in growing tension between the foundation and the kingdom, deriving attention from SCP-042118-J-1.

Note from MTF Eta-4 personnel, Lt.████: Damn ethics committee, they always try to ruin all the fun around here. The executions are perfectly justified, especially for the exploration of the universe, that just sounds epic.