FanimationDom: Mr. Rogers' Cardigan


Object Class: Safe

Containment procedures: It is to be kept in safe #XX at site XX.

Description: a cardigan that changes colors based on the wearer’s emotions. It is green when in a neutral/unactivated state. It's anomalous properties only occur when it is worn by a sentient humanoid.

Color Key:
Green- neutral/unactivated
Red- anger/frustration
Blue- sad/depressed
Purple- anxious/nervous/fearful
Yellow- happy/excited
Orange- determined/focused
Grey- can indicate clinical depression and anxiety disorders

Containment Log: SCP-XXXX was retrieved from the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum in the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood exhibit among his other iconic sweaters on display. It's anomalous properties began approximately one month after Mr. Fred Rogers’ death.