Name: Tic Tacs

Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Keter (Euclid maybe? LMK what you think)

Special Containment Procedures: will probably involve things like information suppression of the true nature of tic tacs and its creators, and the foundation actively trying to remove tic tacs from stores across the world, although this isn’t effective enough to eliminate the SCP

Description: SCP-X is the corporation known as “Tic Tac”. SCP-X is known for producing and selling SCP-X-1, colloquially known as “Tic Tacs”. The actual location of headquarters and manufacturing facilities, employees, and methods of distribution are all unknown. Attempts to stop or slow the distribution of SCP-X-1 have been only somewhat effective, due to the fact that boxes of them will seemingly appear out of nowhere in the cargo hold of transport trucks and storage rooms. Cameras placed inside these areas will temporarily experience a loss of function, only for boxes of SCP-X-1 to inexplicably be there when the cameras regain function. This has been observed to occur regardless of the trucks’ velocity or locations of them and the storage rooms. The only situation where this does not occur is when there are one or more sapient beings observing the inside of these areas. How SCP-X is able to detect when this is occurring is unknown.

SCP-X-1 exhibits a memetic effect where when any sapient subject visually observes one or more mints, whether through an image, video, or in real life, with real-life observation having the strongest effect, they will experience an urge to consume SCP-X-1 and seek out more of them. This need is caused by an abnornally high amount of dopamine being released in the subject’s brain upon consumption. The cause of the memetic effect is unknown, nor is the mechanism behind the high dopamine release, as the ingredients found in Tic Tacs should not be able to cause such an intense reaction.

Since the emergence of the Tic Tac corporation in 1969, the strength of the memetic effect has been increasing at a steady rate. While there is currently no way to scientifically measure the strength of the initial attraction, there has been a noticeable increase in its effect over the last 49 years. The amount of dopamine released by a being when consuming SCP-X-1 has been increasing annually by about 2%, which is believed to be a similar rate to the increase of the memetic effect based on observation. It is estimated that in about 30 years from now, SCP-X-1 will become an addictive substance with more potency than cigarettes. In about 60 years from now, a tipping point will most likely be surpassed. Several potential outcomes to this event have been theorized. However, the most likely scenario is [DATA EXPUNGED], leading to a VK-class scenario.