[orange zone map]

Item #: SCP-HU

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Protocol ALABASTER has been declared.

  • All Foundation operations and personnel have been reassigned to the North American Orange Zone''1''.
  • Portable contained objects have been moved into the Orange Zone as resources have allowed.
  • Immovable objects have been decommissioned or rendered physically inaccessible in accordance with their respective emergency protocols.
  • Sites containing immovable K-class threats have been thaumically warded and locked down; overt automated defense systems have been deployed to maintain the perimeters of these Sites.
  • All assets formerly restricted by the veil doctrine - including weapon systems, vehicles, infantry augmentation equipment, overt automated defenses, and Giant-class unmanned combat drones - are approved for open use.

[automated defense droid picture]

All Mobile Task Force units/Foundation military assets are reassigned to the securing of SCP-HU instances. Instances of SCP-HU are to be relocated to the Orange Zone and await treatment in thaumaturgically-warded humanoid chambers. Provisional containment areas are being constructed within the Orange Zone to house excess SCP-HU instances awaiting treatment.

[tent colony picture]

SCP-HU are to be restored to baseline normalcy via neutralization procedure 08-Lilac. Restored instances are to be employed as Class-E personnel within the Orange Zone until global normalcy can be reinstated.

Trucking, rail, and other transport infrastructure is to be commandeered as necessary for the movement of personnel and contained objects.

Description: SCP-HU (formerly SCP-MP-A) are human beings affected by a currently uncontained thaumaturgic symbiote. Available data indicates that 100% of the civilian population outside Foundation-controlled territory are SCP-HU instances. A roughly estimated 90% of the human population has expired due to

SCP-HU display extreme thaumic innervation''2'' and polymorphism''3'', resulting in an unpredictable variety of anomalous capabilities. SCP-HU instances have been observed to:

  • Generate technology such as firearms or autonomous robots from their bodies.
  • Manifest various forms of life.
  • Take on radically altered physical forms such as a grove of animate plants or storm formation.
  • Restructure the physical environment, including the creation and destruction of structures and natural features.
  • Interact with and reassign the conceptual properties of real objects.

Procedure 08-Lilac overview:
Personnel and Material Requirements - minimum of 4 thaumaturgists trained and equipped for tactical exorcism; as surgical instruments cannot physically interact with affected tissue, surgical correction requires excision of the entire affected region of the body.

2: Thaumaturgy is the capability to consciously affect physical changes to the environment using non-physical methods. The level of thaumic innervation present in SCP-HU allows instances to use cognition, visualization, speech, or gestures to cause events that violate physical laws such as cause and effect or the conservation of mass and energy.
3: Polymorphism is the capability to consciously alter physical anatomy.