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Item #: SCP-4000

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is to be separated from the concept of humanity as soon as an acceptably safe means of doing so can be developed. A sample population of SCP-4000 instances are to be quarantined within abstract ideas for further study. Excess instances are to be diverted into tangential lines of thought, where they will be refuted and/or forgotten until neutralized.

Description: SCP-4000 is a species of conceptual organism that parasitizes human existence as part of its reproductive cycle. Research into the exact point at which SCP-4000 ends and human nature begins has yielded inconclusive results.

Ongoing research into pataphysics, reality interlayering, and other meta-universal anomalies has led to technological advances that allow the Foundation to observe and interact with conceptual space1.

Conceptual analysis of historical events within this space has revealed evidence of intangible organisms that uses large-scale conflicts as nesting sites2. It is unclear whether this species only takes advantage of pre-existing conflict, or if it contributes to human warfare directly in order to create habitats for itself. As this behavior constitutes a potential threat to normalcy, these entities have been tentatively designated SCP-4000.

The building of facilities and training of personnel for research missions into conceptual space is underway.

Item #: SCP-F

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-F is to be kept alive in in its natural habitat by any means necessary. Foundation naval assets are to maintain a 3km zone of exclusion around the approximate location of SCP-F. Civilian vessels approaching the zone are to be redirected using cover story SCP-F-A ("rescue operation").

MTF Mu-17 ("Sea Shepherds") are tasked with tracking and protecting SCP-F.

In the event of atypical value fluctuation by City Trust International Bank stock, a marine veterinarian is to assess the health of SCP-F within one business day. Direct contact with SCP-F for any reason other than emergency care is prohibited. Personnel assigned to the SCP-F containment team are prohibited from purchasing or holding CTIB stock.

Description: SCP-F is a Northern bluefin tuna with the City Trust International Bank corporation (CTIB) located in its gut.

SCP-F displays no anomalous properties other than containing a financial institution. The process by which SCP-F transmits and receives information from cellular and computer systems is not yet understood. Efforts to physically locate the assets of CTIB have been unsuccessful; monitoring of wireless signals indicates that all CTIB transactions are being conducted through SCP-F.

Intercepted communications to and from employees of CTIB confirm that the company's routine operations occur inside a tuna. The existential status of CTIB employees is under investigation by the pataphysics department (link).

City Trust International Bank continues to operate, and comprises [plausible percentage] of the New York Stock Exchange. Efforts to remove SCP-F from its habitat for containment have had disruptive effects on CTIB and organizations and markets dependent on the corporation. Interrupting the company's operations would cause severe economic instability and threaten the normalcy of the world economy. Research on disentangling SCP-F from the concept of economics is underway.

The point in time at which City Trust international bank went or became inside a tuna is the subject of ongoing investigation.