Fifth deliverance
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Item #: SCP-4582

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4582 is currently unable to be neutralized and is uncontained. MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") is to disseminate all public knowledge of SCP-4582's anomalous properties. The ███████ Forest is to be kept under surveillance regularly in the case of unauthorized individuals attempting to access the area under the direct control of the Romanian government. In the case of someone encountering SCP-4582-A and going through all three stages of SCP-4582, they are to be immediately detained, questioned, and given class B amnestics.

Description: SCP-4582 designates a phenomena which occurs within the boundaries of the ███████ Forest, Transylvania, Romania. Three stages of the phenomena have been developed as a means of tracking the event. They are designated stage α, stage β, and stage γ.

The first stage of the event occurs always on March 2nd of the year. During stage alpha, a humanoid figure, approximately 1.9 meters tall appears within the vicinity of the ███████ Forest. The figure (SCP-4582-A), while human in appearance, displays several anomalous abilities during stage alpha and beta. SCP-4582-A1 will seek out an area within the forest, usually a clearing or an area where open sky can be observed. Once SCP-4582-A finds a suitable area, it will lie on the ground and stare into the open sky. This can happen at any point during the day, but will only become anomalous after dusk. Once the sun has set, two beacons of light will burst from SCP-4582-A’s ocular areas. Both lights will shoot into the night sky, causing the sky to clear completely, even if there is severe weather. The beams of light are usually pointed in the general direction of the Eridanus constellation. Anyone within a 2.3 kilometer radius of the event will experience sudden disorientation, nausea, or confusion. The area of the sky where the beams of light made contact with will open some sort of portal or space time anomaly that will expand across the night sky, eventually changing the surroundings. Any persons within the 2.3 kilometer radius will be transported to SCP-4582-1, where stage beta will occur.

Stage beta will occur the following day. During stage beta, all persons within SCP-4582-1 will witness the same hallucination. All unmanned cameras and drones within the 2.3 kilometer vicinity of SCP-4582-A, are unable to detect the supposed hallucination, so witness accounts are the only way of knowing what happens. All subjects when interrogated have reported that they were transported into an arid, cracked landscape (SCP-4582-1), despite being in a lush forest just seconds earlier. They go on to say, that they saw a tall man (identified as SCP-4582-A) with “stars for eyes” descend from the sky. Following the man are “fireballs of nebulae” falling from the open sky. All witnesses have reported the fireballs to land in a pentagonal shape around the landscape, after coalescing in mid-air. The tall man will then make physical contact with the subject(s) via constricting of the arm. All persons interviewed said they felt an intense, powerful burning feel when touched, yet not painful. Afterwards, SCP-4582-1 will dissipate and the subject(s) will go unconscious. All individuals will awake approximately five hours after their apparent hallucination in the same spot they were at when transported. It is then when stage gamma occurs. It should be of note that many unusual astronomical events take place directly above the ███████ Forest when subjects are unconscious (Comets, constellation rearrangements, rapid star movement, etc.).

Stage gamma occurs the following morning and proceeds until March 5th. All subjects will wake up at exactly five in the morning. A marking will be present on the subject(s)'s right arm, where the figure made contact with them. The marking is always of silhouetted five-pointed star2. These markings are collectively designated SCP-4582-2. The markings display anomalous properties until the end of stage gamma, when they are considered inactive. The subject(s) will wander to seemingly aimless or obscure locations throughout the ███████ Forest, SCP-4582-2 acting as some sort of navigation device. SCP-4582-2 will glow a soft violet hue and the subject's right arm will outstretch in a certain direction pertaining to the location the subject is heading towards. Once the individual has arrived at their respective location they will sit on the ground for five minutes before getting up and heading to a different area. This will continue on till the end of stage gamma. All subjects when interviewed about their time during stage gamma have said that they were taken to an alternate dimension or shown a vision of events to come. Once noontime of March 5th has arrived, the subject(s) will leave the forest and return to a regular state of mind. SCP-4582-2 will remain on the right arm, but loses all anomalous properties.

Addendum: An interview was conducted with a local who witnessed the events and places within the SCP-4582 phenomena. Interview was conducted in Romanian. Some of the translations may deviate from the original conversation.