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In 1999 the "Goddess of Tomorrow" was born, or that is what many staff members at the foundation would call her. She is the daughter of Dr. Rylan Hilton, one of the oddest Doctors on staff. Dr. Rylan had dark brown hair and tan skin. Dr. Rylan had a child with Ms. Donna Mcmullen. Soon after their only child, they got divorced. Their child grew up with her father and never visited Donna. While growing up she always loved to fantasize about mysteries her father told her. While her father had co-workers over, she would always try to into her father's office whenever he had a classified meeting. Her father would always see her before she heard anything, and would always take her to her room. But, whenever her father had a meeting about objects such as SCP-294 she would draw pictures of the tales she heard during meetings. She would always ignore going outside and would just think of many possibilities of odd objects roaming around the world. You may be wondering who "she" is. "She" is Alyssa Hilton.

Alyssa Hilton always was a happy child. She had gracious long, dark brown hair that waved in a breeze. Her face was a perfect chisel of tan skin. With a perfect smile and great mind, she grew to become an empowered woman. She like many admired the mysterious objects and scientific story-telling. She was bullied when she went to school and was bored with her normal life, if you were to look through her eyes, Alyssa would see everything as boring unless it was odd. She always thought of weird creatures and unexpected things. One day Alyssa came back home from her interview and found that her father was missing. She was frantic looking for her father, she called all her friends and family members.

"Hey, have you seen my dad? I couldn't find him at all.." Alyssa said as she paced around the room panicking.

"No, sorry. I hope you find him, Alyssa. " her friend said, worrying if her friend is okay.

So, Alyssa decided to contact the police. Later that evening, two men came to her doorstep, one of them was dark-skinned and the other a little lighter. They both came in and started to ask the questions that seemed familiar to her, like the questions her father asked at meetings. A week had passed and during the end of it, her father's body was found lying in a big dark green bush that had faint dried blood bush near a forest. Soon after the police allowed a doctor to examine his body. When the doctor came, there were bullets and knife cuts everywhere. The doctor alerted the police, once they found out her father was murdered they contacted her immediately, she was devastated. Later on, Alyssa wanted to follow in her father's footsteps in working at the SCP Foundation, she wanted to complete what her father could not. She was instantly accepted because of her miraculous work ethics and her studies. thinking and started working and obtaining knowledge that many workers twice her age never could obtain. Many were jealous of her smart and quick actions, some tried to ruin her career, but she stayed strong.

Alyssa was passing by an interrogation room one day when she heard a familiar voice speaking to a weird object. The object seemed old and rugged and Alyssa could not quite make out what it was. She decided to spy on her clueless of the consequences. Alyssa sat down near the doorway and heard the object speak and started to wonder what happened to her father. When Alyssa started to pay attention she realized she was spying on Alison Chao. Alyssa had always had a sister-like relationship with Alison and always looked up to her. So Alyssa listened in on Alison's conversation to find out more but froze.. she saw Alison get possessed.

Alyssa ran for her life while closing every door behind her. She fled the site, into a thick, tall, dark green forest, and onto a small dirt road where she waved her arms frantically for any passing car to stop. Then, she realized that she could get information out of Alison. So, just as a small white car was about to stop for her, Alyssa raced back inside hoping to stop Alison before she fled the facility. Unfortunately, when she got to the room dark, secured room Alison was interrogating in, she was gone. But, Alyssa saw a small sexless doll walking out of the room.

"Hello, brown-haired girl. What is your name" the doll beamed while stepping towards Alyssa.

"I-I'm Alyssa Hilton.," she said while cowering in fear.

"Hilton..doesn't that name sound familiar.." The doll sneered, " How's your father you know he isn't really dead.He's captured."

"No.. No! My life is a lie!? I want my father back!"Alyssa screeched while her eyes created a fountain of tears.

"I can help you, but you need to help me.." It said while stepping towards her.

"Anything!" Alyssa said.

"I need you to-"

"Hey! what are you doing here?!" A tall security personnel dressed in black yelled at the rugged doll while taking out a baton. "Go back to your room!"

Alyssa ran out of the narrow hallway, and into the small staff lounge to go vent all her emotions to a friend. Alyssa was upset that she couldn't find out who the murderer was, so for the next few days, she decided to try to track down Alison. Sadly, Alyssa failed her self-assigned mission and was devastated, she felt like a failure to everyone she knew. For a month Alyssa stayed home discouraged of recent events and how she reacted. Alyssa felt like it was her fault that her father was captured, if you were to look through her eyes you would see everything black and white. Her emotions faded, she didn't know what to do.

After all of those events, Alyssa looked on the bright side. She started to grab hold of the opportunities she had. She looked through many of the thousand SCP files, searching for her next adventure. When she found something that changed her. It was her birth certificate. This changed everything for her. She decided to take charge and to continue her mission.

Even though she went through many hardships, she always was bright and left people hope for tomorrow. Alyssa always puts work and others before herself. She always cared for everyone and people considered her a goddess for how strong she was after the events she had been through, thus the name many people awarded her with, "Goddess Of Tomorrow".