Final Victory
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Welcome, our compatriot.

One In Four: Rain

Again, it's suicide. A queer student killed themselves by jumping down a school buliding, and this caused natural panic among fellow students and faculty, friends pitied and mourned, parents grieved, but for the person themselves, it's more than death. But it's still only a story of mundane people, while abnormality exists but cannot assist at all.
Sorry, I can't see the values. I can't see beyond the box…

Are you wailing dear? Come soothing below. You know how to enroll.

Heartbeat gradually faded away, and he felt a pulse of shivering tenseness creeped onto his whole body.

He never had the chance to tell anyone among his best web-friends,

"It's me, I'm back."

Two In Four: Rein

"That means… the good days that human splashing water on the shallow shore and could know about the whole ocean is forever gone.

"I do not fear. This is reality."

Toss a coin to decide whether to accept the opportunity to work at the Foundation or not. (Connect with Parallelism: hidden plot)

Three In Four: Reign

Arkic Protocol, or to be plainer, Ennui Protocol, has set off upon approval of 3 in 4 nominees.

Four In Four: Mirage

Ideas came into power.
"Utopia", We have yet reached, a milestone for mankind.

From Lullaby To Ecstasy

A Brief History of Epochs

Name Time Description
Prehistory Unknown-About 3,500 B.C. The studies of Anarchistic Anthropology dig back into here, when human starts differentiation among different groups, and so governing and persecution occur.
Age of Placidity (I) About 3,500 B.C.-About 1,500 A.D. The only idyllic dream remaining for everyone.
Age of Placidity (II) About 1,500 A.D.-About 1770 Western civilization starts to aggrandize.
Age of Downturn About 1770-1914 Some hold the opinion that it actually starts with the Second Industrial Revolution or so.
Age of Downfall 1914-1945 Many thought this would be the doom of mankind's glory via self-destruction.
Age of Halcyon (I) 1945-About 1970 The secondary separation at about 1970 marks the birth of Internet and some high-tech monopolies, and some global political reforming.
Age of Halcyon (II) About 1970-2054 The World War III marks the end of this hopeful era.
Age of Peace/Pacification (Golden Age) 2056-1.1.2080 This age is considered closest to near-contemporary imagination of paradise.
Age of Nightingale (New Age) 1.1.2080-Now Ectoentropical Breakthrough opens a brand new page for humankind.

Wanderers' Library

Abbr. WanLib. Something changed since mid-2050s; Many patrons and regular visitors settled down into permanent residing, thanks to improved amenities and enriched collections of realities.

Papyrus Nocturne

The first "book" Talcite saw when entering the WaLib for the very first time.

Drug Insurrection

On Feb. 21, 2048, the 200th anniversary of the pulishing of Manifesto of Communists, some terrorist(s) which were believed to belong to the Paranormal Intelligences' Alliance (PIA)


An anarchic researching city.

White Night

On the New Year's Eve on Jan 1, 2080, human's first nuclear fusion power plant was launched at Leowata, an unbridled jubilation of over millions of people broke out at Steam Plaza, during which a 1,000 MW laser lit up the night sky.

Spaxcur stations

Stations for publicized free spacial excursion.

Universal Nationalism

Desperealm (Senesperio)

An immersive, sensual game developed by former SCPF members. It uses memory dissociation tech to let players start a "new life" in the game.

La Riĉ-Reto (The Ree-ch Network)

Sentludo (Sensual Game)

Atom Screen

A new tech for electric devices, aiming at ultra-high resolution power (hyper-ocular, over 500 million pixels).

E Pluribus Unum (All To One)

Paranormal Intelligences' Alliance


Emerinos Corp.

Started bt Winston Nefelo, it's a monopoly that covers many sci & tech fields, e.g. IT, biological engineering, infrastructure.

Zμέρα Games

A subordinate company of Emerinos Corp. and it became the grandest source of financial income of the Corp. after 2070.

Rockmood(Corxica Guel, Cox)

Formal Fifth Church member, currently AWCY artist.


Lucerno Guel (Lucerna Guel)

Simon Arran

Former "Chinese" Foundation historian.


Lives at Church of the Broken God. Cyborg.

Yudari(ユダリ, ゆだり)

"Japanese" librarian at the Wanderers' Library.

Chen Yufu(陈予赋,former name 李微)

Member of 中华异学会. Elder female cousin of Chen [????]

Arlen Isaac Locker

Winston Skyther

Alexis Talcite


Como & Povvy

Alexis's pet cat and pet dog.

Sidero XVIC

The assigned protagonist of Talcite in Desperealm.

Everything I cherish perished. Nothing is left for me to cling on; My compassionate friends, my ambition, my verities, my career dream, my loyalty, my memories, my homes. Histories that have never taken place filled up my mind, illusionary scenes are now my love. So why I have to devote obedience to any existing regulations? I hated regulations since young, to follow - or to oblige - took cost on me, but when I eventually learnt to accept them in a certain way,

Two hundred years, reincarnation of distress
Is hope a blessing or a curse?
Fight for fight, all will perish
Nothing left for everyone to cherish

"So you pursue powers. Isn't it?"

"Correct. The power."

"Upon people or things?"

"Everything idealistic." Impatience was welling up, Alexis sensed it in time.

"What did all these had done to you, any good? That makes you enjoy it?"

"Ah. You are a digger."


"Try to make everything to the root. Not everybody thinks so deep,

Though memory manipulation works, every human living has to carry the idea that the ghosts of five billions people are always with us.

"How far do you wanna go?"

"Till all to one."

"Did you write novels at teenage?"

It's an etiquette in the consensus of the paranormal society that not to be too curious and inquisitive about anyone's background, as so asking whether someone's name is is disapproved.

"If I got it right, sir, you've shown your approval towards reproductive cloning at the 127th World Congress of Biology."

Urge for prediction as an unchosen prophet

He saw a robot conjured from void.

"Saluton." The robot said with a flat voice.
"Query 'Corxica Guel', alias 'Rockmood'."

"Corxica Guel, born at 2020, active member of Are We Cool Yet?, amateur composer. Died at 2178 of old age."

"Query 'Winston Skyther'."

"Winston 'Nefelo' Skyther, born at 2005, founder of the Emerinos Corporation. Supervisor of the Avgi Space City. Entered the All To One at 2276."

Utopia Limited

Utopia is a choice. Neither Gilgamesh nor Frankenstein could hinder the long race of the human race to, on a certain level, evolve themselves.
Special thanks to Yuval Harari, the author of A Brief History of Humankind.


A new "artificial" supreme divine: the real hivemind of human civilization. Long after the Benevolent God Movement, the idea of integrating all living individual intelligences (possibly not limited to humans) into a hivemind was put into practice.

Paseco Plethora

Doctrine Creed Orthodox Dogma Faith Belief Praxis Epistemology Verity
Saluton! You might wanna see: Utopia Limited

I appeared to them that I'm not like everyone else
I was teased so harshly that I could barely hold back my tears
Why I have To bend to their view
Is this the point I've got to follow to live on this Earth?
Many voices were muted to avoid anything else
They've hit the target to keep alone their safety zones

You were the only king
Who play the hierachy
And be so satisfied
Be so satisfied
At what you have killed

Oh The bolts and cogs Little nails
Composed the apparatus Made me alive
Ticking obediently Letting the drive
And they don't even bother to survive

Sing my ode Eternal self
Where is hope Here is hope
Fell and drown Return the cells
Into myself Into myself