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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a standard wildlife containment enclosure. SCP-XXXX should not be let out of its enclosure without approval from the site director. Wallets and personal items of value must not be brought into SCP-XXXX's enclosure. Personnel must report any telepathic contact from SCP-XXXX immediately to present researchers and must log any correspondence with SCP-XXXX accordingly.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a entity appearing to belong to the species odocoileus virginianus, the white-tailed deer. It has all typical physical characteristics of a male adult of this species. SCP-XXXX possesses telepathic abilities and is able to communicate with humans in this way. SCP-XXXX's voice is heard as if it were speaking directly to the target of its telepathic communication. It can seemingly only communicate with subjects in its direct vicinity, and can selectively communicate with as many subjects as it wants. SCP-XXXX communicates in a way that is easily understood by subjects regardless of language, with its communication matching that of its target's "inner voice" language. SCP-XXXX is easily distinguishable from the subject's inner monologue as those who have communicated with it describe its voice as that of a typical adult man with a deep and somewhat gravely voice.

SCP-XXXX also possesses a healing factor and is able to completely regenerate from most injuries and wounds that would be fatal to other members of its species. Due to regenerating from incidents in this manner, SCP-XXXX has acquired a resilient skeletal structure enabling it to survive most blunt force trauma it sustains, although its skeletal structure is still vulnerable to gunfire and being shot in the head would be sufficiently fatal to it.

SCP-XXXX displays intelligence roughly equivalent to that of the average human but its knowledge is limited. SCP-XXXX is thoroughly knowledgeable about wilderness survival, as one would expect from a member of its species, but only has limited knowledge of human civilization beyond what it has experienced firsthand. While able to communicate as effectively as the average human, simple concepts such as electricity and time are foreign to it. The notable exceptions to this are societal and capitalistic concepts such as currency and the exchange of goods and services, as well as more advanced concepts such as insurance, industrialization, and laws.

Those who have communicated with SCP-XXXX have described it as "opportunistic". Despite being a wild animal and not having the need nor capabilities to purchase items, it is driven to amass funds quickly and easily in order to "take care of its family". Despite these claims, it is currently undetermined if SCP-XXXX has any possessions or family at all due to its unwillingness to provide a location of either. If SCP-XXXX is given anything that's not consumed on location, such as cash or goods, it will attempt to leave the premises with the acquired items. These items are unrecoverable if SCP-XXXX is not contained (see Addendum XXXX-2). When questioned about the nature of its intent to acquire wealth, SCP-XXXX has stated, "The grind never stops," and that it is "all about the bag".1

SCP-XXXX came to the attention of the Foundation after a series of court cases in the state of Georgia established a pattern involving vehicular accidents on private property causing the death of the plaintiff's "prized pet deer".2 While spread out over multiple months, the unusual similarities in each case as well as such cases being unheard of prior to the first incident led the Foundation to investigate and secure SCP-XXXX. Due to SCP-XXXX's anomalous telepathic abilities and intention of acquiring wealth, it was using its regenerative abilities, animal property law, and equally opportunistic civilians to intentionally instigate deer-involved vehicular accidents in order to split the money gained from a successful lawsuit between itself and the subject who owned the property the accident occurred on.

All subjects who communicated telepathically with SCP-XXXX were amnesticized following containment. When questioned by Foundation personnel as to why they had not come forward with SCP-XXXX's anomalous abilities, a variety of reasons were given, including, "Who would believe me? Haven't you seen that cartoon with the singing frog?" and "I respect the hustle."3

Addendum: XXXX-1 Lawsuits involving SCP-XXXX.

  • Case # XXXX-A: The first case involving SCP-XXXX was between the plaintiff, Mr. ████ J█████ and Mr. ████ W█████. The plaintiff attempted to sue the defendant for the apparent death of his pet deer (SCP-XXXX). The "death" was the result of SCP-XXXX being hit by the defendant's vehicle in an incident that occurred at 10:35 PM in the driveway of the plaintiff's property. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant intentionally sped up and collided while Mr. J█████ was walking SCP-XXXX on a leash. The motive, the plaintiff claimed, was revenge due to an ongoing feud between the two. The defendant's account was that SCP-XXXX jumped out at him while he was driving to the plaintiff's home to deliver belongings to his ex-wife, who was living with the plaintiff at the time. Mr. W█████ reported that no one who knew the plaintiff was aware of a "pet deer" and that he claimed it was a wild animal, albeit one conveniently leashed. The case was settled in the plaintiff's favor after it presented video evidence of SCP-XXXX performing various tricks, similar to a show dog. Video evidence of SCP-XXXX was expunged by Foundation personnel during amnesticization.
  • Case # XXXX-B: The second suit occurred over a month later. The plaintiff, Mr. ████ M█████████, claimed the defendant, Mrs. ██████ T███ killed his daughter's pet deer and was attempting to load its corpse into her truck so she could take it to a taxidermist. The defendant reported that she was simply driving and the deer jumped out at her. The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff after Mr. M█████████'s daughter ████ presented an emotional testimony that was later discovered to be rehearsed after interviewing the plaintiff and his daughter. No connection between the two cases was made, despite their similarities, due to Mr. M█████████'s daughter dying SCP-XXXX's fur pink and liberally decorating its horns with accessories prior to the incident in order to disguise it.
  • * Case # XXXX-C: The third and final suit occurred weeks later. The defendant, Mr. ████ C████████ was being sued by the plaintiff, Ms. █████ H███████ for allegedly hunting wildlife on her property. The wildlife in question consisted of SCP-XXXX and two non-anomalous members of its species. During the ongoing litigation due to local law enforcement investigating the defendant due to him not having a registered firearm nor a hunting license at the time, Foundation personnel were notified of the case after coverage of its similarities to the previous lawsuits were reported by a local news station. Foundation personnel were able to secure SCP-XXXX after finding it in Ms. H███████'s tool shed recovering from its wound. It was determined that SCP-XXXX had not approached Ms. H███████ in this instance and instead was attempting to mate with the other members of its species that Ms. H███████ was raising, although the subject in question made contact with SCP-XXXX and the two attempted to take advantage of the situation regardless.

Addendum: XXXX-2 SCP-XXXX Tracking Report
Following containment and research into SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties, it instigated telepathic communication with Foundation researchers in an attempt to procure funds from them for its own personal gain. When questioned as to what purpose the funds would serve to SCP-XXXX, it responded that it has "mouths to feed". Incentivized by the opportunity of possibly being led to more instances of SCP-XXXX, researchers handed over a cloth sack4 containing an assortment of bills and coins totaling to $████.██ after belligerence from SCP-XXXX regarding increasing the amount and contested approval from the Foundation Budget Committee.

A tracking device was placed within the sack prior to handing it over to SCP-XXXX and MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") was dispatched to follow SCP-XXXX and recover it, the funds, and any additional SCP-XXXX instances that they hoped SCP-XXXX would lead them to. Following being released, SCP-XXXX made its way to and ventured into the woods near the town of [REDACTED], Georgia, located 17 miles away from [REDACTED]. SCP-XXXX's tracking device stopped transmitting at the coordinates [REDACTED]. While SCP-XXXX was still visible, MTF Epsilon-6 was ordered to move in and re-secure SCP-XXXX. It was discovered at the foot of an oak tree with a hollowed out section of its trunk that looked to be carved, rather than natural, but the sack containing the funds was no where in sight. When questioned SCP-XXXX simply responded to, "Keep your eyes on the money or you'll fumble the bag." The tree and surrounding area were investigated but no anomalous properties or phenomena could be ascertained.