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Item #: SCP-3346

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3346 is to be kept in a clear, sealed plastic container in Dr. ██████'s office for ease of access should testing be requested and stored at least six meters away from any device capable of accepting a 3.5mm stereo plug. It is to be monitored at all times by remote camera to prevent self-locomotion, however, there is no need for personnel to monitor the video feed itself, and the video feed does not need to be displayed. The potential for aggression in SCP-3346-1 instances means that any request for experimentation must be accompanied by written permission from one Level 3 or above personnel.

Description: SCP-3346 is a black, 153.7 cm long pair of headphones, of the in-ear variety. SCP-3346 was originally brought to the attention of the Foundation when embedded agents within the City of ██████ Police Department reported a case in which a teenage boy, 17, died after locking himself in his room to listen to music, being discovered dead several hours afterward. While slightly abnormal, this circumstance in itself did not warrant any Foundation intervention nor give sufficient suspicion of an anomalous object. It was only after the routine autopsy revealed unusually high amounts of serotonin, as well as the fact that the in-ear portion of the headphone had burrowed into the subject's brain via the ear canal, causing significant [REDACTED] to the tympanic membrane and ossicles along the way, that the Foundation had reasonable suspicion of a potential SCP object. Embedded Agent ████ █████ recovered SCP-3346 from the station’s evidence locker, and Class-A amnestics were administered to morgue staff and associated officers.

SCP-3346 is capable of self-locomotion when unobserved. When in containment, this locomotion appears to mostly of consist of winding around itself, resulting in a severely tangled cord. However, when left uncontained, SCP-3346 uses this locomotion to actively seek out headphones of similar type. The reason for this is explained in Experiment Log 3346-11a. When placed in the ear of a living being (hereafter referred to as the subject) and music is played through SCP-3346, the subject's brain begins to produce serotonin at an accelerated rate, regardless of the type of music played through SCP-3346 or the subject’s personal music taste. After approximately five minutes of uninterrupted exposure to this music, the brain has produced enough serotonin to calm the subject to a significant degree, regardless of the level of stress or aggression displayed prior to exposure. After approximately thirteen minutes of exposure, the brain has produced serotonin in unhealthily excessive amounts, leading to the onset of serotonin syndrome and related symptoms. The subject is at this point too placid and relaxed to perform any physical action (aside from necessary functions), including the removal of SCP-3346 from the ear canal. The object now begins burrowing through the ear canal. Due to similarities between this object and SCP-1407, a possible connection between the two is being researched. At approximately thirty-five minutes after exposure, the serotonin syndrome has reached sufficient severity to kill the subject and SCP-3346 has fully burrowed into the subject's brain. At roughly forty minutes after exposure, the subject appears to reanimate, however no bodily functions are observable, including but not limited to, pulse, metabolism, digestion, speech, and excretion. The reanimated subject is now designated as SCP-3346-1. SCP-3346-1 acts as a simple animal, performing actions based upon the genre of music played through SCP-3346 prior to termination. See Experiment Log 3346-13e for further information regarding the effects of different musical genres on the subject.

Experiment Log 3346-11a:
Test 1
Procedure: SCP-3346 was left unobserved and sealed in its container.
Result: SCP-3346 twined around itself and was described as being "really [EXPLETIVE] hard to untangle" by the D-Class personnel instructed to untangle it.

Test 2
Procedure: SCP-3346 was left unobserved within the pocket of a D-Class personnel.
Result: See test 1. D-Class personnel reported no sensation of movement within his pocket for the duration of the test.

Test 3
Procedure: SCP-3346 was left unobserved with free roam of Dr. ██████'s office.
Result: SCP-3346 was found twined around Dr. ██████'s personal pair of headphones. When tested, these headphones displayed identical properties to SCP-3346 and were designated SCP-3346-A and contained the same way as SCP-3346.

Experiment Log 3346-13e:
Test 1

Music genre: Classical
Result: Upon reanimation, SCP-3346-1 behaved docilely, much in the manner of a small puppy, moving close to the observing researcher and attempting prolonged contact. It should be noted that SCP-3346 began to retract from SCP-3346-1’s ear canal slightly.

Test 2
Music genre:
Classic rock
Result: Upon reanimation, SCP-3346-1 began to bob head and stroll casually in circles, breaking this routine only to remove one end of SCP-3346 from the ear canal and attempt to offer it to the observing researcher. It is hypothesized that SCP-3346-1 instances may be created as transmission vectors for SCP-3346.

Test 3
Music genre:
EDM (Electronic Dance Music)
Result: Upon reanimation, SCP-3346-1 began to move in a jerky and erratic fashion, repeatedly striking the observing researcher, leading to unconsciousness. Before security personnel were able to restrain SCP-3346-1, it had forcibly inserted SCP-3346 into the ear canal of the unconscious researcher. Researcher similarly reanimated, both instances of SCP-3346-1 subsequently terminated. It would seem that SCP-3346-1 instances still function without a need for contact with SCP-3346. Transmission vector hypothesis confirmed.

Test 4
Music genre:
Thrash metal
Result: Upon reanimation, [DATA EXPUNGED] death of ██ personnel and formation of a corresponding number of highly aggressive SCP-3346-1 instances. MTF Eta-11 ("Savage Beasts") called upon to rectify the resultant containment breach. All instances terminated with acceptable casualties. SCP-3346-1 aggression levels confirmed to be directly related to music tempo. Upgrade to Euclid requested.

Addendum 3346-01:
Attempts to remove material samples from SCP-3346 for study resulted in sudden self-locomotion away from the blade being used to extract samples, similar to a pain response. Note that this is the only recorded instance of SCP-3342 moving on its own while being observed. Chemical analysis of extracted material revealed it to be a substance more akin to flesh than expected materials of headphones of similar types. These recent developments have led to the theory that SCP-3343 may not be a simple anomalous object as previously thought, but rather an advanced parasite mimicking the form and function of headphones. This is further corroborated by the discovery of a DNA sequence similar to that of a leech, but with significant mutations to [REDACTED], mutations which may have arisen from irradiated or extraterrestrial origins. Upgrade to Euclid strongly urged.