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Item #: SCP-3735

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3735 is kept in Level 3 Lab 09 on Site ██. It is only to be used under direct supervision of a Level 3 or above researcher accompanied by an armed guard, and all reported observations must be recorded.

Description: SCP-3735 is a common scientific microscope of model [REDACTED]. The body of the microscope includes three interchangeable probes within which lenses are conventionally fixed. Each probe has a different anomalous function. Replacement of the lenses yields an identical result. SCP-3735 was recovered from █████ University, ██ after a scientific paper in peer-review was intercepted by Foundation personnel and inspected. The author of the study discovered SCP-3735's anomalous properties, and was administered Class-A amnestics upon the confiscation of the object.

The first probe- SCP-3735-1- exhibits two anomalous functions. It is an optical telescope capable of observing objects in real-time at any distance, disregarding the speed of light. The highest recorded magnification factor known is ██████x, able to witness an [DATA EXPUNGED]. Testing is ongoing to determine if this factor can be further improved. The second anomalous property, proposed by Dr. Narkhirunkanok, is that intelligent subjects of observation by SCP-3735-1 become aware of their observation (See addendum 3735-a) regardless of distance or awareness of SCP-3735. The means by which they gain this awareness is yet undetermined.

The second probe, designated SCP-3735-2, allows microscopic magnification to the nanoscale. Current experiments have not discovered a limit to this magnification, nor a mechanism for this function. It is the view of Researcher Barr that this device be used to investigate existing SCPs such as SCP-500, SCP-914, SCP-1735 and SCP-2950* to determine if their anomalous properties can be explained at the nanoscale.

The third probe, designated SCP-3735-3, allows real-time observation and exploration within any photograph it is exposed to, continuing from the moment in time the photograph was taken. Testing has been proposed by Researcher Barr to determine if the device allows safe observation of memetic SCP objects, or any information pertaining to ●●●●●|●●|●*. Addendum:3735-b contains information of a revelatory cross-test with SCP-895 and SCP-173.

Addendum:3735-a Dr Narkhirunkanok ordered a D-class of sound mental health and high compliance to be tested with SCP-3735-1, requesting that they be given no briefing on SCP-3735-1 prior to testing. His experiment, using SCP-3735-1 to observe D-9945 from extreme distance, yielded comments from said person and guards such as "Do you feel like you're being watched?" and "Who's there?". Dr Narkhirunkanok also noted that at several points D-9945 stared straight at him.

Addendum:3735-b Researcher Barr requisitioned SCP-3735-3 for testing with SCP-895 and SCP-173. D-10112, of sound mind and body, was asked to observe a photograph of SCP-173's containment chamber through SCP-3735-3 and describe what she saw. Her testimony was then compared with CCTV footage of SCP-173 at the time the photograph was taken. D-10112's testimony diverged from the CCTV footage. She observed SCP-173 moving towards the viewing position she selected through SCP-3735. CCTV footage shows no such movement. It is the view of Researcher Barr that SCP-3735-3 may exhibit similar properties to SCP-970, creating-or observing-dimensions with infinitesimal changes from the original reality.
D-10112 was then asked to observe a photograph of SCP-895. The photograph was taken from within the 10-metre "Red Zone" of SCP-895, but SCP-3735 was located far outside that range. D-10112 reported no ill effects from the observation, merely expressing her boredom. Based on the results of these two experiments, Researcher Barr hypothesizes that SCP-3735-3 must therefore take up a position "Present" in the situation- as if one was really standing in the position observed, rather than viewing it through external means.

*(with extreme caution)