Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] is to be stored in a tube at Site-██ which is to be made of high grade metallic glass 15mm thick. Each and every day, SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]'s tube is to be shook for a minimum of 4 minutes and 37 seconds, and a maximum of 9 minutes and 5 seconds. In the case of a containment breach, all personnel are to strip their clothes and head to room ██ for emergency standard clothing and an emergency flamethrower. Mobile Task Force Epsilon 9 ("Fire Eaters") is to move on site and initiate protocol Theta-7.

Description: SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] is about 2 lbs (approximately .9 kilograms) of what seems to be red standard Jell-O. SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] is known to be intelligent and hostile to foundation personnel(See Incident Log 10/12/16). SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] is able to move, change its density, change its size, split into pieces (hereby dubbed SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-1, SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-2, so on), and alter its viscosity. When SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] is shaken, it enters a dazed state that lasts exactly 24 hours. SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] should never be shaken for less then or more then the timed stated in the containment procedures (See Incident Log 2/8/14). SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] is also suspected to have healing properties (See Incident Log 5/6/12). If SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] is not in its dazed state, it will slowly start growing in size and weight.

SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] will attack any living entities it can reach. SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]'s methods have very little variety, however, usually SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] will manipulate its shape to become bigger then the animal, and encase it. SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] will then enter a different state (hereby dubbed SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-A) where its shape becomes a perfect cube around the entity's perimeter. In the span of usually 2 days, the animal's cells would be broken down. A small tumor of different color will appear on SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-A's surface (approximately 3 inches wide and 2 inches high) which will break off and become its own independent instance of SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] (now dubbed SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-B). SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-B will be especially carnivorous and will constantly hunt down living beings by any means available. At this point, SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-A would become SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] again and resume predictable behavior.

Fire has proven to be the most effective way to neutralize SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]. SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] can be burned to ashes like many other objects, however, if the relevant instance of SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] survives, no matter how small, will develop a resistance to fire. Water has been shown to slowdown SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] and at some points halt its movements completely without developing a way to resist it. Currently, there are at least █ instances of SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] that have been found around the world and being contained.

SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] can stain clothing. After a while, the wearer of the clothing will have a burning rash over his body. Taking off the clothes and putting them with other clothes may also contaminate those. After various days, the subjects eyes will appear sunken and their skin will pale. This will continue until the subject expires, from which SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] will come out of the subjects mouth and resume normal behavior.

Recovery Log: SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] was recovered in a grocery chain known as ██████ in ████ , ██████ on accident when Agent ██████ was found buying an unusually large can of red Jell-O and bringing it home. He ate it as a late night snack. For the next few days, he was not seen by any of his neighbors, which was very unusual. They called the authorities who entered his house to find Agent ██████ [DATA EXPUNGED]. Operatives swiftly moved in and recovered the SCP, and administered Class-A amnesteics to all those involved.

Incident Log 5/6/12: SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] breached while Researcher ████ (who was known to have a broken hand at the time) was testing the SCP.

He administered an electric shock to the SCP while it was in its tube, which seemed to aggravate it. 

Part of the SCP breached by breaking the glass. The SCP encased Researcher ████ until Mobile Task 

Force Epsilon-9 arrived at the scene and manage to incinerate most of the SCP while it was on him. 

The researcher perished, however an autopsy revealed that the bones in his hand were fully mended.
Incident Log 2/8/14: A janitor was shaking the tube SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] is kept in, but got a phone call, put down the tube, and stepped outside the chamber for about 10 minutes. Upon re-entering, he [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] escaped through the events, causing a site-wide breach. Two (2) days after initial breaching, multiple instances of SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] attacked foundation personnel, causing great harm. A day later, Epsilon-9 arrived with less then 50 survivors at the site and multiple instances of SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]. An interview log with a survivor is below:

Doctor ████████: Hello.

Survivor H-H-Hello.

Doctor ████████: You okay?

Survivor: Yeah.  The subject inhaled sharply I-I'm okay. Can we start now?

Doctor ████████: Of course. Would you mind by describing your first encounter with the SCP on-site?

Survivor: Sure. I was going about my business in my office-you know, paperwork. Then I see something blue oozing out of the vent. At first I thought the water system failed o-or something like that. I continued on my work. When I next looked behind me, half an hour later, I saw a huge blob of gelatin. Maybe it was my fault for not being more suspicious. T-

The subject starts wiping tears from his eyes and looked up again

Doctor ████████: Can you continue?

Survivor: Ahem. Yeah, of course. One of my co-workers entered the room, and the blob turned on him. I don't know if what would've happened if she didn't come in. The blob grew and encased her. She stopped moving and closed her eyes. I then just, you know, booked it. I ran to an empty room, close the vents, and holed up there. Then I heard a ton of footsteps and somebody broke down the door. I was so happy when I saw them incinerate those piece of shit blobs!

Doctor ████████: How many colors do you think you saw?

Survivor: How am I supposed to fucking know? There were every color you can imagine, I even saw a white one in the shape of a human that said-

At this point, the subject collapsed and the therapy session was cancelled.
Incident Log 10/12/16: SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] was released from its chamber in its dazed state and put into an empty room with no method of escaping other then the initial door. A microphone was in the room along with a speaker. The researcher tried to ask the SCP some questions. They waited until the SCP exited its dazed state. The following is an audio/written log of the conversation:

Researcher █████: Hello. Are you awake?

SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] split itself into multiple SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-1 and formed the word "YES".

Researcher █████: What are you?


Researcher █████: Alright, lets try something else. How are you today?

SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-1 formed the phrase "LET ME GO-"

Researcher █████: I'm afraid we can't do that.

--"OR ELSE" SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-1 formed into a giant blob of gelatin and jumped on the viewing glass. The gelatin bubbled and melted through the glass. SCP-[UNAVAILABLE] split into a dozen SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-1 again and encased the researcher and security guard, and breached the site. By the time Epsilon 9 arrived, multiple instances of SCP-[UNAVAILABLE]-1 have escaped containment through water systems, sewage systems, or other means. Burn marks were found in places around the site.

Requesting upgrade to Keter status. - Researcher ██████████.

Denied. For gods sake, its just some vengeful Jell-O. Testing cancelled until further noticed -O5-█.