Flesh Sculptor

Item #:

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be is to be strictly monitored by standard-equip guards while being maintained within the confines of a 2.4 by 2.7 meter concrete cell. Subject is prohibited from interacting with any living organic material unless specifically requested by a researcher of level 3 or higher. Requests are dealt with by a case-by-case basis and may be vetoed at any time by an O5 officer.

Amenities requested by SCP-xxxx are allowed within the cell only as a reward for good behavior and cooperation with foundation staff. These will also be confiscated as punishment for disobeying commands violation of foundation policy, insubordination and any attempts at breach. Stricter supervision will be applied upon mounting violations.

SCP-xxxx is a humanoid entity standing at 180.2 centimeters and weighing 85.3 kilograms. Physical appearance can vary at SCP-xxxx's will, but usually holds the same general characteristics; subject is coated with pallid surface ossifications loosely resembling that of reptilian scales, with long structures at the ends of the arms acting as fingers. These structures seem to have a high flexibility and are capable of bending at remarkably unnatural angles.

Subject lacks human facial features and instead has a solid formation of bone with a suture between the right and left halves. Subject lacks any visible nasal or oral cavities as well as a jaw, with two black, glossy convex lenses in place of human eyes. Research upon subject's sensory organs have resulted with little information as to how SCP-xxxx's bodily

SCP-xxxx is capable of seemingly limited reality-bending abilities, mostly revolving around the manipulation of organic material. Upon making physical contact with any sort of organic material, it is capable of reshaping it or interacting with its chemical compositions. SCP-xxxx also possesses an advanced understanding of molecular genetics, capable of radically editing DNA.