Item #: SCP-5047

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:The entire area of SCP-5047 is cover by caution tape and SCP-5047 must be Cover by at less 32 layers of Saran Wrap And leaving it untouched, And any missing Saran Wrap most replace with a new one, At least 8 guard most guard the place and make no one trespassed. Four covering each side and the four covering each corner

Description: SCP-5047 is 8 hectares (20 acres) lake at (ACCESS DENIED), 8 feet and if anything thing touches Scp-5047 will be crush cause of the extreme pressure. And SCP-5047 has tiny sharp pieces of metal that will penetrate skin or will slowly break the item apart Faster, stuff like bread or any soft item will instantly dissolved, and it doesn’t attack it only wait until something touches it. And it is very hard to get out of Scp-5047, Anything that has been captured by SCP-5047 and not destroy will be under SCP-5047 control if it isn’t completely destroy, SCP-5047 only Destroy edible stuff, SCP-5047doesn’t destroy edible that is sour,Hot, or spicy. And stuff like metal metal or human part will be part of SCP-5047“collection” and use to hold down the thing that is suck to SCP-5047. it most be feed 3 time each week by using food like candy,meat,goldfish, and crackers or SCP-5029 will aggregated, and will be grabby and use the collection that SCP-5047 own to grab anything in it reach and there no living specie that live in SCP-5047

Addendum: SCP-5047 was founded in 2013 by a group of high school freshmen, The fresh men were skipping rock then one of them notice that one of rock was slowly disassembly, so one of freshman deciding to poke it with a stick to see what happened, SCP-5047 Was to trying pull the stick down including the freshman arm, Lucky the freshman got his arm out, Then the freshman reported it saying that “There a lake trying to eat me” that was when the SCP foundation find out about SCP-5047

Addendum Interview
Interviewer= (Access denied)
Interviewed= (Access denied)
Foreword= Interviewer test Scp-5047 strength and trying to get items out of scp-5047

Access granted

<Begin log>

Interviewed= (Access denied) do you have test object in your backpack

Intviewer= Yay of course

Interviewed= then bring out the small rake and put in Scp-5047

Inerviewer= (He put out of small rake and he put in scp-5047) well one thing for sure that it surely got one mean grip

Interviewed= Now pull of scp-5047 and describe what is happening to the rake

Interviewer= It Penetrated the rake! And it trying to pull the rake down and me including. (Groans) can I let go the rake now, it is going break the rake and probably me into if I slip in

Intviewed= Yes and now pull out the hammer and put in it

Interviewer= are you crazy!? If that put that hammer the the same happened to the rake will happened to me!

Interviewed= you know the agreement (Interviewer)

Interviewer= Fine. (Interviewer put the hammer in scp-5047, Then starting to slip) Damn it My foot is stuck in scp-5047,

Interviewed= Get out of their Immediately!!

Interviewer= (Interviewer foot start to bleed and) *Screaming in pain* I can’t move, it pulling me in (interviewer look down), Oh (Interviewed) I think there are arm and hand on now it pulling me down. Send more help (the guard with the interviewer try to help but fail)

Interviewed= Roger, Roger, Roger respond if you are hearing this

(The SCP Foundation guards found the interviewer face and limb in scp-5047)

<Ends Log>