Sandy Mandies And Idea Ikea?
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Neutralized
Special Containment Procedures: After breach event, "Failed Archetype" all remaining MTF Gamma-12 and Site-119 staff are reassigned to hunt down remaining documents asserting to the existence of SCP-XXXX.

If any instance surviving "Failed Archetype", are to face immediate termination.

++Points of Interest++

=> Neutralized Skip. This is an old documentation of the buried floodgates after a Y-K event was contained with improper tools.
=> the suggestion that the intrusive flooding, nature itself, or deities were actually the thermophile, microbial "goop"'s kafkian-esque demands. Like interpreting an animal god's interpretation of sacrifice, ritual and religiosity. And humans attempting to understand this collective diadem's thought-pattern, it's rules and regulations It's demands and desires.
=> Exploration into the anomalous nature of a specific myth or practice from the Xia dynasty that repeats itself after the uncovering of SCP-XXXX.
=> Discovery of remnant technology the loosely interpreted philosopher-kings, Yu, Gilgamesh, Noah, etc. and their representations strewn across the inscriptions and language on artifacts and buildings.
=> The idea of dying and being reborn as a horrible myth with the wrong lesson. Knowing that it will be this way for many generations to come.
=> IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION: Inspired by the lore on Ondra from Pillars of Eternity. Perpetuate the theme of something being drowned and forgotten struggling with the theme of something forcibly trying to push itself into the genetic memories of humanity.
=> On that note, perhaps the goop is just Yu having forgotten his human genetics after remembering a previous "pattern" of lifeform he could divert to. The idea that forgetting / remembering allows you to access what you lost for the cost of losing what you have?

=> Searching "Angler Fish Phallus" gave me this… wut.

=> So hmm this might be interesting in relation with the angular concubines. Nüwa or Nügua is the mother goddess of Chinese mythology, the sister and wife of Fuxi, the emperor-god. She is credited with creating mankind and repairing the Pillar of Heaven.[1] Her reverential name is Wahuang (Chinese: 媧皇; literally: "Empress Wa").[2]

=> Images: Underground Cave Image

=> water creatures with the minds of humans that have been left there for decades, centuries, are given the opportunity to communicate with properly functioning humans after a very long time being held up.