Your Friendly Neighbourhood Lawnmower

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SCP-3719 upon recovery.

Item #: SCP-3719

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3719 is kept in a standard containment locker in the Anomalous Objects Wing of Site-82.

Foundation web-crawler Oscar-03 ("AZURE CHAWLA") is to track social media posts, news reports, telephone calls, and SMS messages disseminated in the state of Maryland for references to SCP-3719-Cobalt events. References made to unnatural flowering plant growth patterns, the formation of gestalt human masses, and irregularities in the operation of yard equipment are to be flagged and isolated for further monitoring. This is done to mitigate or prevent future SCP-3719-Cobalt events from occurring.

SCP-3719-A-1 through -61 are contained in suspended animation in a standardized 10,000 L Class 6 Lovell-Huron containment vat. Any persons associated with the discovery of SCP-3719, including nearby genetic relatives of any SCP-3719-A instances within SCP-3719-A-1-61, are to remain unaware of the containment of these instances. Persons associated with this anomaly have been given Class-A amnestics and are to undergo a false memory implantation procedure to subdue any memory of SCP-3719-A-1-61 and the impact they made on the Middlesex suburb during their life.

Description: SCP-3719 is a Craftsman 650 Series “Wasp” Lawn Mower with a cutting width of 55 cm. SCP-3719 performs in a manner identical to its non-anomalous counterparts, except for a few notable differences.

For instance, despite being manufactured for gas-powered mowing operation, SCP-3719 relies on the energy exerted by its user (designated SCP-3719-A) to operate its engine. In an attempt to prevent fatigue and over-exertion in SCP-3719-A, SCP-3719 will also reclaim and consume any grass passing through its cutting deck with 100% efficiency to produce additional energy. Energy produced does not mitigate the force required to push SCP-3719, but rather, is directly transferred into SCP-3719-A through the lawn mower handle by esoteric means.

Upon using SCP-3719, SCP-3719-A will be unable to cease operating the mower until the desired lawn has been mowed. In the case of multiple lawns connected across property lines, SCP-3719-A will continue to operate until every square meter within all connected lawns is mowed. SCP-3719-A directs all attention towards continuing to mow as though that is its full intention.

SCP-3719-A is not hindered by this mind-affecting property, and instead, considers use of SCP-3719 to be a pleasurable and cathartic experience. This effect becomes shared by anyone with a similar headspace to SCP-3719-A1 within the general vicinity of its effects2.

Discovery: SCP-3719 was discovered in the Middlesex suburb of Baltimore, Maryland on August 17th, 2011. Upon discovery, SCP-3719 was being used by numerous residents serving as SCP-3719-A simultaneously. 61 residents in total were contained in a collective gestalt mass3, which was piloting SCP-3719 along the road with apparent ease despite its size. 6 km2 of roads in the area had anomalously manifested grass, while approximately 2.6 km2 of roads had already been mowed upon by the time Foundation personnel were alerted to the anomaly.

The formation of SCP-3719-A-1-61's collective mass, as well as the widespread manifestation of grass on public roads, has been designated an SCP-3719-Cobalt event.

Addendum 3719-1: The following is a transcript of an interview with Grace Farley (PoI-3719-1), the mother of Kevin Farley, an individual within SCP-3719-A-1-61 at the time of discovery.

Interviewer: Researcher Frank Digby

Interviewed: Grace Farley (PoI 3719-1)

Preface: Researcher Frank Digby began the interview shortly after Foundation personnel arrived on scene following the discovery of SCP-3719-A-1-61. A 5 km radius no-go zone around the neighbourhood was observed, at which point the neighbourhood was cordoned off. Any individuals directly outside the confines of the no-go zone were administered Class-A amnestics. The interview began after Foundation personnel searched for individuals directly affected by the SCP-3719-Cobalt event. Mrs. Grace Farley (designated PoI 3719-7) was the seventh person selected for interview purposes. Researcher Frank Digby approached Mrs. Grace Farley under the guise of a concerned neighbour associated with the neighbourhood watch.


Researcher Digby: Hello Mrs. Farley. I'm Frank Digby, from just down the road. Do you mind if I ask you a few things about the, ahm, incident?

Grace Farley: Of course, Frank, anything you need, my dear. And please, call me Grace.

Researcher Digby: Right. So, Grace, how did you first hear about the lawn mower?

Grace Farley: Old Billy kept that mower locked up in his garage since before my boys were born. That Billy's always been on the go, but after his accident, he hasn't done much mowin'. Robbie lifted the mower from him in the Spring, had it refurbished, made sure it worked fine. But let me tell you, Frank, there was just somethin' about that mower that made it special. In all my days, I've never seen Robbie so interested in anything, 'cept for that mower.

Researcher Digby: Interested? In what way?

Grace Farley: The sparkle in his eyes when he worked on that thing, you wouldn't believe. It had to be special. Wouldn't make sense otherwise.

Researcher Digby: So Bill owned the mower and he gave it to Robert. Is there any indication that anyone else used the mower during this time?

Grace Farley: Robbie went about, almost door-to-door, askin' around to see if anyone wanted their lawns cut, free of charge. That kid was happy to do it, and it seemed like once he started, he just couldn't stop himself. On the first day, he cut nine different lawns! Can you believe that, Frank?

[Researcher Digby nods]

Grace Farley: Mhm. The next week it was like everybody was asking Rob to cut their lawns, and boy did he do it. Robbie was one of those meek types, even letting the little ones try the mower so they could learn too. I would never allow my youngest to go near the thing, but those kids pushed the thing like it was a toy.

Researcher Digby: Your oldest son is Kevin, correct?

Grace Farley: Yes, my dear.

Researcher Digby: Grace, why did Kevin start using the mower?

Grace Farley: I had to let my boy try it. Just had to. Heaven knows I wouldn't even know how to use the thing myself, but my Kevin, he's a smart cookie, he is. Could figure out just about anything he put his mind to. So when he joined the others I just knew they were going to enjoy themselves just fine. It's better off to have 'em so close together, Frank, isn't it?

Researcher Digby: I'm not exactly sure what you mean, Grace.

At this point, Mrs. Farley becomes more emotional in her responses.

Grace Farley: [pauses] Kevin's a… A smart kid with a good heart. That's the boy I raised. Always tried hard to keep him away from the bad crowd, I did. I couldn't bear to lose my baby. So I tried hard, see? To teach 'em right. To get him along with the other smart boys I know are out there too. Now, Frank, to see him wanna join the other kids, that made me proud. [pauses] All those kids, together, close, closer than a hug. That's what gives this community its spirit. We can all learn to become as warm as those kids were, and that mower's the source of it all.

Researcher Digby: How did Kevin and the other kids come together?

Grace Farley: There were probably 7 or so of them. The closest boys an' girls in the neighbourhood. We're all good parents. We all know how to raise a good kid. Raise a kid well and eventually, they'll raise themselves.

Researcher Digby: Grace, do you believe that lawn mower is going to help them learn how to raise themselves properly?

Grace Farley: I don't just know so, Frank, I've seen it with my own eyes. Those kids could achieve incredible things if they worked together. All 7 of 'em, in the same body, that's what we raised them for.

Researcher Digby: You're saying these kids were in the same body? But that's just not possible, Grace. What you're saying isn't possible.

Grace Farley: [pauses] Makes sense to me, Frank. Wouldn't you like to see all our sons and daughters together, bonding deeper than they ever could naturally? Having them so close together, boy, it just gives me the fuzziest feelin'. Middlesex ain't what it was when I grew up in it. I never learned the same closeness my sons know.

Mrs. Farley pauses for approximately 30 seconds while she retrieves a tissue from her purse.

Grace Farley: Being able to help the Other in such a capacity, with the smartest sons and daughters this neighbourhood's seen yet. That's human. That's heart. Frank, I just crave to bask in the skin of the Other. To be as warm as these kids. Wouldn't you like to be as warm as those kids, Frank? Wouldn't you like to share my skin too?

Researcher Digby: I-

Grace Farley: Why, Frank, can't you share one body, one soul, and by God if it's possible, one flesh? We're all human, Frank. We're one. We were born together and shall remain together. It's meant to be that way, 'cause what other way could there be? Keep 'em together and we won't be having any more tragedies. That mower is the best thing to happen to this neighbourhood, period. You wouldn't understand unless you stitch your heart where all others can see and allow yourself to bask in the skin of your fellow man.


Researcher Remarks: Based on my interview with PoI-3719-1, I believe it is in our best interests to cease further investigation into the SCP-3719-Cobalt event in Middlesex suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. SCP-3719 has no doubt made a deep impact on the Middlesex community, one with lasting emotional effects that cannot possibly be cured nor even fully diagnosed. The situation is simply too sensitive. With SCP-3719 in our custody and no further sightings of any anomalous effects, it is more than apparent that the anomaly has been succinctly contained and requires no further research into its effects.

What I suggest is the immediate amnesticization of the population of Middlesex. In addition to this precaution, I have submitted a proposal for them to undergo a mass false memory implantation procedure. Yes, all of them. What I learned today is that this is a neighbourhood that very much so emphasizes community. The community is its pillar. To tamper further than we have already tampered is to risk great emotional hardship, which I fear would topple the pillar they have tried so desperately to build.

It stands to reason that there are some anomalies we cannot properly comprehend. Further, I assert that this is an anomaly we need not comprehend, for the sake of the civilian population here. This is not an emotional plea, but rather a well-reasoned analysis based on the delicate situation we have been presented with.

We stand in the darkness so they can live in the light.

- Researcher Frank Digby, Site-82

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Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: How SCP-XX came into Foundation custody is currently unknown. SCP-XX was discovered in the currently decommissioned Sub-Basement 12 of Site-82 during a routine site maintenance session on 2021/04/10. The original documentation of SCP-XX was not found on any internal Foundation networks, including M-SCiPNET4 and Site-82's intranet systems. As well, it is unknown which initiative led to the containment of SCP-XX, nor what specifications were used in the construction of its containment chamber. As such, Foundation personnel have assessed the properties of the current containment chamber for SCP-XX (designated SCP-XX-1) and included its details below.

SCP-XX-1 is composed of a standardized 4,000 L Class-4 Lovell-Huron containment vat filled with controlled liquid nitrogen. At all times, the admixture within the containment vat includes between 30-40% of a sodium nitrite solution. As well, 5-10% of SCP-XX is composed of a trehalose disaccharide to reduce desiccation as necessary. Ultimately, SCP-XX's containment chamber is used to ensure complete cryonic suspension of SCP-XX while preserving and maintaining brain function in conjunction with a Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) system.

SCP-XX-1 is maintained at a constant temperature of −196 °C, while the DBS system installed within SCP-XX's diffuse nerve net is supplied with a constant voltage of 8 V. As SCP-XX exists almost entirely separate from the rest of Site-82, it is powered independently with an EMP-shielded antimatter power generator5, which is theorized to remain in indefinite operation. In the event of an unexpected generator malfunction leading to a breach of containment, SCP-XX-1 is encased within a durable cast iron enclosure capable of withstanding approximately 3,500 kPa of pressure.

Due to SCP-XX's current containment procedures, SCP-XX has been designated a Low-priority Safe Object and is contained in the now-defunct Parathreats Wing of Sub-Basement 12.

Description: SCP-XX is an unknown entity that entered Foundation custody at some point between 1999 and 20026. It is currently understood that SCP-XX was previously known to Foundation personnel at Site-82 until 2013 when Sub-Basement 12 was decommissioned. At that point, all evidence of its existence was removed, including from the memory of all onsite personnel. Whether or not the existence of SCP-XX played a significant role in Sub-Basement 12's decommissioning is unknown.

SCP-XX is a soft-bodied ctenophore entity of presumed extraterrestrial origin. Currently, SCP-XX measures roughly 2.4 meters in height and weighs approximately 160 kg. SCP-XX is composed of a dense violet gelatinous double-membrane epidermis capable of expanding to a diameter of approximately 6 m. SCP-XX consists of thousands of viscous yet robust cilia, which it uses to control movement on most surfaces. Despite the nature of its discovery, SCP-XX currently has no known anomalous properties.

The containment chamber enclosing SCP-XX has been designated SCP-XX-1. Upon discovery of SCP-XX-1, a number of different anomalous objects7 were being used as a means to cogently record the data regarding SCP-XX's memories8. These anomalies in conjunction with one another allowed for a direct mind-to-mind connection between SCP-XX and an intended third-party observer (designated SCP-XX-2), and that observer's ability to respond to and communicate outside of their dream. The use of additional anomalies to observe and conduct a memory-related study on SCP-XX is not necessarily required to contain the entity and exists to further the understanding of SCP-XX's brain and memories.

Though SCP-XX is in a state of unconsciousness as per its containment procedures, a constant stream of information has been documented running through its diffuse nerve net, displaying neurological patterns similar to those experienced during REM sleep in humans. The documented patterns exist despite the use of the DBS system. The system is used to replicate SCP-XX's neural patterns to allow SCP-XX-2 to interface with and receive the information contained within its diffuse nerve net. However, this process is only achieved by placing SCP-XX-2 in a medically induced deep sleep.

The only means of observing SCP-XX's memories is by using SCP-XX-2 as a surrogate for memory retainment. Data within SCP-XX's dream state is transmitted directly into the brain stem of SCP-XX-2, and SCP-XX-2 becomes aware that they have become a stand-in figure in SCP-XX's dream state. During experimentation, the designated SCP-XX-2 is not to make their existence known to SCP-XX, and they are to act as conspicuous as necessary.

Due to the nature of this experimental process9, SCP-XX-2 individuals are to conform to a number of procedures to ensure their mental fitness during this process. SCP-XX-2 individuals are subject to losing between 1 to 3 months of memories after a full session of persistent SCP-XX-2 memories. As well, SCP-XX-2 individuals wishing to take part in experimentation are to be memetically hardened, resistant to dream-based entities, are to be assigned to no high-priority assignments in the last 3 months and may be subject to a week of memory rehabilitation therapy.

Extended research logs into SCP-XX are to be kept as Addenda material and are to be protected from potential deletion.

Addendum XX-1: The following is extensive documentation of testing with SCP-XX.

Exploration #1

Personnel: D-XX-1

Exploration pretext: Initial documentation of SCP-XX.


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