SCP-1488-KYS "The Wolf Person" By Flusacka
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Photo of SCP-1488-KYS taken before capture.

Item #: SCP-1488-KYS

Object Class: Safe

Description: SCP-1488-KYS (The Wolf Person) is a male humanoid grey wolf wearing a wine-red hoodie and jeans and is 5'10” (70 inches) tall.
SCP-1488-KYS Can speak two languages, english and czech.

SCP-1488-KYS was brought to the Foundation's attention when numerous reports of witnessing a person with an dog head and a tail wandering in the town of █████, Jihomoravský kraj, Czech Republic at 2 AM.

Interviewed: SCP-1488-KYS

Interviewer: Dr. Sergei Stokurev

<Begin Log>

Dr. Sergei Stokurev: So.

SCP-1488-KYS: Why am i here, locked up.

Dr. Sergei Stokurev: You're Too confusing to be outside.

SCP-1488-KYS: but why, i'm just a human animal, i dont hurt people.

Dr. Sergei Stokurev: What's your origin?

SCP-1488-KYS: Yeah, thats top secret, dude.

Dr. Sergei Stokurev: Any more info you're gonna bring us?

SCP-1488-KYS: Nope.

<End Log>