For Angela

Item #: SCP-LOVE

Object Class: Apollyon Cupid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-LOVE is to be kept behind an emotional wall of at least two kilometers in thickness. Under no circumstances should any individual be allowed past the walls which surround SCP-LOVE.

Updated Special Containment Procedures: SCP-LOVE is to be kept exclusively by researcher Angela Allen in whatever containment chamber she chooses. It is impossible for any other individual to contain SCP-LOVE.

Description: SCP-LOVE is an indescribable entity currently possessing an individual named Colin Haugh. The entity's power has yet to dampen; rather, it is steadily increasing with each passing day.

SCP-LOVE has a powerful force emotionally bonding both researcher Angela Allen and researcher Colin Haugh permanently. Any and all attempts to describe the bond SCP-LOVE manifests have been classified as a major understatement.1

SCP-LOVE breached containment in mid-December, as to which it had immediately rushed to Angela. Since the specific date of 12/22/2017, SCP-LOVE has significantly grown in size and in terms of ability. SCP-LOVE has never before reached the proportional size it maintains today, as it was theorized completely impossible. Despite this, Angela managed to bypass what was considered impossible and grow SCP-LOVE to extraordinary proportions.

SCP-LOVE has, ever since Angela's involvement, improved Colin's ability to perform tasks that were previously too difficult to undertake. There have been times at which SCP-LOVE has weakened Colin's abilities, but those periods of time have never lasted more than 48 hours. After this period of time has passed, Colin's boost in activity and performance has returned.

SCP-LOVE will constantly vocalize from within Colin, attempting to describe how SCP-LOVE is affecting him.2 SCP-LOVE has permanently bonded to both Colin and Angela, and it has been concluded that Angela, SCP-LOVE, and Colin, are inseparable.

I love you.